In response to PatsEng's comment:

Edelman is a good #3 or 4 WR and can make things happen if he has space but I agree his hands aren't the best for quick passes. He does need a softer throw and time to react. Which is why he'll remain the 3rd look on most plays and things start to break down and he has time to get enough separation to avoid Brady having to wing it in.

As for what he'll get in the open market I don't think much. Given injury history and he seems limited as the 3rd or 4th read I'm putting him somewhere in the $1.5mil-$2mil range mainly because of his value on STs

I think you are way, way off. I think Edelman signs a 1 year contract coming off injury for $750-$900, hoping he can stay healthy and Wes signs elsewhere. He will again be a free agent after next year, and if healthy with out Wes I think Edelman has a 75 catch season in him