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Eli, Fitzy get burned on deep throws

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    Re: Eli, Fitzy get burned on deep throws

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    It was funny listening to the announcers, they were shocked a penalty was called when you could clearly see the Giant dude not only had the Eagle dude in a headlock but he was twisting it.

    I was dumbfounded by how they just ignored the offensive PI and acted like the refs made a mistake.   It really showed how the announcers at times favor certain teams.

    why would john gruden and whatever his name favor the giants over the eagles?

    this I gotta hear

    It's a fairly widely held belief that ESPN has a serious NY b o n e r.

    They have consistently found ANY reason to prop up the Yankees, Giants, Jets and Knicks.

    They are the "flagship" station for more than one NY based team. To think that has 0 effect is silly. Their infatuation with Rex Ryan, in spite of the results, has grown to laughable proportions. Ditto for the Knicks. At least the Giants have done some winning, so I can kindo f understand that one. But, seriously, go read any national sports board, Yahoo for example, and you'll read post after post of people complaining how ESPN is constantly ball washing NY teams.

    another example is the way SB 42 was called... Aikman who was being impartial pointed out many of the violations by the jints and the officials on that joke of a final drive.  Starting with the clock fiasco where jints were gifted a clock stoppage, to Coughlin grabbing an official 10 yards on the field to get his attention, to multiple penalties not called.

    NY ballwasher Joe buck just glossed over and put a ribbon on it. Pathetic . 

    oh please...STILL bitter? listen you lost fair and square to the better team that day
    (and every other time u play the Giants) now try and show a LITTLE class and stop being a typical pats fan: sore loser, sore winner, rampant homer, paranoid and no class


    do you at least know what I'm referring to..?  Belichick was fined 50k for similar maneuver ... The rest of that crap is right there on tape.  You asked for examples. There you go.

    my other question was whether Eli was stupid to throw that ball when they were in FG range... Or was it a brain  cramp by Coughlin .  Figured you had refs in your pocket after 2 pi's already.... ? 

    Dumb as a hay seed on that one...

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