ELI's the toughest qb but TB's sneak is up there!

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    ELI's the toughest qb but TB's sneak is up there!

    I HAVE never SEEN A TOUGHER QB THAN ELI MANNING... PERIOD! NOT SO MUCH IN TAKING A HIT AND GETTING UP. I SAW FAVRE DO THAT WELL, SAME WITH Steve bartkowski, ron jaworski, bledsoe, elway, dan fouts, jeff hostetler, phil simms and of course we have big ben and the TEBOW. what makes eli special is being able to take every kind of hard shot by both standing in there and running on occasion but coming right back as if NOTHING ever happened and burning you for daring to hit him. no divaish slow walk back to the huddle like favre and attention-getting gimps and limps like big ben or utter gunshyness or happy feet that have ROUTINELY happened to our boy brady when hit a few times or its clear the defense will be in his face all day.

    pats beat him up in the SB last time and the 49ers give him one of the worse beatdowns i have ever seen a qb take, yet NOTHING! like a forrest gump he gets up with that aw shucks attitude and repeats the entire process again. its almost as if his brain gets more focused the more you hit him. LIKE HULKAMANIA AT ITS PEAK, ELI'S HULK JUST HULKS it UP and goes wild minus the pointing and diva tude.

    that gets me to TB yesterday. my beef with this team for most of the past 3 years has been the utter passive softness of our team (offense and defense). tb being the leader is exhibit A. last year i could literally see him shaking and freakin out like a girl stumbling into a room with a cockroach everytime the jets got near his feet or around his hair zone. whereas eli stands his ground no matter what, tb routinely flinches as if in anticipation of the hit (happened yesterday also on a few of those errand throws). but again when it was gut check time, totally loved bb calling for the 2 yard "sneak" on second down. tb didnt get it but it sends a loud message to everyone when he's out there doing that rather than being girly and throwing another fade past to gronk.

    after being manly with bje and being stopped on third down, i was convinced bb would do a softy play action pass and hook up with herny or bje out of the backfield. but no in the old gladiator fashion, tb not only refused to go low as the play was designed, but he outballlled ray lewis, ngata and the rest by going airborne in a situation where future, hair, mascacara, lipstick and HEALTH could all be permanently jeopardized! that TD to me was the #3 play of the game and changed the entire tone of the game. it showed the raves we had more balllls and were going to fight to the death if we had to.

    i mean if tb was totally laying out and sacrificing himself in doing that leap-sneak, what would the other true gladiators like mayo or welk not do?
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    Re: ELI's the toughest qb but TB's sneak is up there!