What the H@@@ was that?

The little things, ESPECIALLY clock management, is where this team once shined. To waste 9 seconds, and let the game clock run down to :04 was a utter embarrassment. It was second down, you call your last TO at :14, and you likely have TWO shots at the endzone, then still kick the FG on 4th if needed.

In the biggest game of the year, and the biggest moment to that point...they fell asleep? I can accept losing, but a game wrought with those kind of mental lapses....pure moments of retardation are simply infuriating. Also, earlier in the game, when they rushed up to the line on 3rd down from the 2....I knew, you knew, EVERYONE knew they were going to try their cutesy little quick-snap-inside run. Guess what? It didn't work. I never like that play inside the 5, the field is too short and compact to creat the kind of seams you'd be looking for, the safeties are closer than they normally would be.