End of the Dynasty

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    Re: End of the Dynasty

    The simple fact of the matter is we are letting too much talent get away on defense. BB's "amazing" schemes seem very pedestrian, when there are no playmakers on D to carry them out.

    Sadly,you would think that the O could bail us out, while they rebuild the D, but a complete lack of attention to run and an over reliance on the spread has made us a soft one trick pony. 

    Sign some quality defensive players and hire a real offensive coordinator and it could continue for a few more years, but I don't see it heading that way.
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    Re: End of the Dynasty

    In Response to Re: End of the Dynasty:
    In Response to Re: End of the Dynasty :  m1020us...nice play on my screen name...love your ability to play on words...just remember something, when looking at a situation, look at the ENITRE picture, just a thought for the day. 1 thing you are missing in this picture...they gave up 17 to the Buffalo Bills - M. Lynch another thing you are missing...a rookie QB in his second game had his way with this secondary in the 2nd half another thing...Brady and company didn't score a TD yesterday...against the Jets... Question:  What will they do vs Baltimore, Indy, and Pittsburgh ?
    Posted by YogaFan

    The Bills have one of the best WR duos in Football, and a good o-line and running game......and still held them to 17 points....the Jesters are supposed to be better, with a great running game and a supposedly spectacular rookie QB....and held them to only 16 points.

    That rookie QB had 163 yds and 1 TD.....WOW!  The D is HORRIBLE!  LOL! 
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    Re: End of the Dynasty

    I think the colts and the pats have to start thinking that their runs are coming to an end. 

    Although, I do like Belichick's forward thinking. 

    He appears to be trying to build his defense to be dominant again sometime in the future when he might have another capable fledling QB who will do enough to help them get to the SB.  I can't say the colts are thinking that way.  They are still trying to win today, future be damned.
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    Re: End of the Dynasty

    Did we peak mid-2007?  It depends on how you define it.  Our 2007 production faltered since the Eagles game.  For all of the talk about blueprints being a myth I say BS.  Since that game every team with the personnel to blitz and apply pressure did exactly that.  Since that game Brady has been hit one in ten pass attempts.  Last year Cassell was beaten to death.  We blamed it all on Cassell.  We need to make some offensive adjustments to handle the blitz better and improve our QB protection.  If we do that we will be just fine this year.

    The Dynasty isn't over.  We do have a weakness that others teams have long figured out that we better take care of.  The fact that Brady kept on winning in 2007 masked the fact he was getting hit frequently.  Furthermore, let's not forget that the Jets D is dominant through the first 2 games.  If you evaluated offenses or QB's by their performance against dominant defenses you would find half the offense cut after any game where a team played a dominant D.  The question is, how do we adjust to it?