Wow, I know this may have flew under the radar last night but this is crazy. Dude signed for almost 40 million in the offseason and the next year he making 1.5 million. Just more evidence that this has been a crazy CB market. So we gave up a 4th rounder for Talib who also had a 4 game suspension for Peds and ended up signing him to a one year deal for 5 million and this guy gets 1.5!?!?  I know when healthy Talib is a better player but thats a big difference in pay. I hear they still want to trade for Revis and maybe are making cap space for it.

I know people will point to Arrington knowing our system and being a special teams ace as to why he got 4mill/year but I would point out that he is a strictly zone CB who cant play outside and his special teams prowes has fallen off since becoming a starter. Last year he was not recognized as a top special teams player. In 2011, I will give him that. He was 8th in the league with 41 stops but once he became a regular he is not really bringing that much special teams value so I think that is overstated. I want so bad for Kyle to make me shutup and earn his money this year but I still keep thinking we overpaid for a guy in a down market.


Special teamers Excel because they are fringe starters who only come on the field a handful of times and make a big impact. Once you are put in as a starter , you usually arent the same special teams player. I know BB loves to put his starters on Special teams but in the last few years we havent cracked the top ten in terms of total special teams production so what good it is to put a starter on special teams if it aint nothing special??  Ijs, I would rather have young guys like Ebner, M.Williams, etc man those spots but putting a starter out there usually means mediocre special teams and this is a must I assume with BB's roster squeezing tactics. I must say I loved it and it worked well when Rodney was here because he went ALL OUT Every play even while starting. Now we pinch the roster just to have dead weight on the roster. Last year not ONE D-lineman outside of Fork and Love played until Midseason! I would just like to see a few specialists on the roster in favor of these no good lineman taking up roster spots.   Ok, my rant is over and I would like to hear thoughts on this. Not just arrington but the crazy market and the leftover CBs still out there

I like Washington to return kicks and Edleman for Punts, but we need tacklers besides M.Slater on Special teams.  and Yes, I started a thread about Wright to rag on Arrington, so what... lol