Eric Wright???

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    Eric Wright???

    Eric Wright is supposedly being cut by the Bucs. I don't know much about his skills, ability or possilbe fit with the Pats.... It seems like he could be more trouble than he is worth, on the other hand Pats have a way of handling these types of things and not letting players get too far outside the box....

    Like to hear other's thoughts......

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    Re: Eric Wright???

    Don't really know much about Wright, but I think it would be very odd for the Patriots to take a chance on another troubled corner, especially one from the same team. I really can't see that happening. Than again the Patriots are the most unpredictable team in football too...

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    Re: Eric Wright???

    I am more concerned with the playoffs tehn some rumor of a journeyman player for next year! Plenty of time for that in the offseason!

    P.S. He wouldnt be above 2nd or 3rd string here