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    In Response to Re: ESPN ALL DECADE TEAM:
    In Response to Re: ESPN ALL DECADE TEAM : Don't be silly, Michael Irvin was the best sideline guy ever, the way he bodied DBacks out of the way with his rear end thereby avoiding a "pushing off" flag was genius.  To say anyone fought the sidelines better than Jerry Rice is near impossible, but Irvin was the master of the sideline.  PS on a side note I cant stand the Cowboys. Randy Moss is the best receiver of his generation; don't ask ESPN, ask the players.  No single man on the planet can run, jump and angle on a ball like Randy Moss; would you really take a 6' tall receiver over a guy who's 6'4" tall who if he ran track might be the fastest man on the planet, a guy who likely would have been an NBA star had he attempted that... be honest? This blatant homerism is absurd.  I would be saying Randy Moss if he got traded to any team other than the PAT's... even the Jets.  This list all around seems more like an ESPN popularity contest and Harrison gets the nod because he is all but out of football and yes he was good enough for consideration. Not to take anything away from Harrison because I don't know if Torry Holt should be on this list at all. The best receiver on the Rams was Issac Bruce and Holt was more one dimensional; not exactly a possesion receiver.  Harrison would be first on the list as a slot receiver, but split out you could argue Hines Ward, Steve Smith, TO or Chad Johnson even... one bad season doesn't diminish his career especially if he bounces back big this season.
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    Wozzy - why do you think I have been dishonest?  Just because I picked someone other than Moss, and you disagree?

    My comment wasn't about fighting for the sideline it was about making difficult sideline catches.  no one - that includes everyone you mentioned - has better body control and field awareness to go along with hands and concentration than Harrison.  None. 

    Again we've got another ill informed poster who considers harrison a slot when that was not the primary position he played.  Why should we listen when you make such a statement?
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    It's a moot point about Irvin and Rice...they don't factor into a discussion about this decade. And I agree (somewhat) with underdogg, Marvin was excellent at getting to the sidelines then shutting out the DB to make the catch 99% of the time. Of course, a lot of the credit for that has to go to Manning, who could put the ball exactly where it needed to be, and knew just where Harrison would be. But I still think Moss and Owens excelled as well, and were slightly better at grabbing the ball in close coverage. Harrison simply locked out the DB so the guy never had a chance to get a hand on it. Other than Ty Law (who was the best DB against Marvin, IMO), most defenders simply could not get in Marvin's way. I will concede that for a QB/WR combo, Manning and Harrison were the best, or at least tied with Montana and Rice (again, another decade). It seems they were telepathic, and that has to be attributed to their work ethic and relentless practicing. I still hold to my opinion of Moss and Owens, though. Their ability to catch the ball with DBs all over them puts them ahead of Harrison, IMO. But could you imagine a team with all three (and maybe Welker in the slot), with someone like Brady or Manning under center? They could probably hang a 40 burger on any team, even defenses like the Steelers or Ravens!
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    "Largent was one of the best WRs, and I believe he was the first to reach 100 TDs. But I thought this was a discussion about best WR of "this decade". If we are to discuss best of all time Marvin Harrison would drop quite a bit down the list, IMO."

    Underdogg said something about Harrison being the best all-time at sideline catches. That's how this tangent of receiver's outside of this decade came about. 
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    Im surprised any pats made that team considering espn's bias aainst NE.