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    In Response to Re: ESPN AT IT AGAIN: These idiot insiders debated for weeks whether the Browns will take Claussen at 7 or the Browns at 9. They debated feverishly whether Colt McCoy would be around at 33, so the Rams could take Suh and still get their "franchise QB". They kept telling us that there would be huge trade offers to get to spot 33 and 34 so McCoy and Claussen would go. These guys have no isider knowledge. Why would a team tip their draft to the media? Kiper and all of them know dick. 
    so let me get this straight...because ESPN didnt like the pats trading down to acquire what very well could become more "marginal" talent, its a put down? really? so basically the second espn doesnt brown nose the pats, they are against them? yeah ok
    Posted by Jimmy42Jack0

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    Does anyone here remember two years ago when the "experts at ESPN" said that we should have gotten greater value with our pick of Mayo? They said that at best he was a very late first rounder, or early second rounder. How did that work out?
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    In Response to Re: ESPN AT IT AGAIN:
    In Response to Re: ESPN AT IT AGAIN : What is hard to believe about it?  If he had targeted Odrick, Kindle, Bryant or someone else the ESPN talking heads said they should take, he would have taken them instead of trading down.  Look at the 23rd pick and 25th and 26th pick.  Bulaga, Tebow and Williams is what he passed on at risk.  He could have taken Bryant at 22 - he did not want him.  By trading down, he passed on Bulaga.  He could have taken Bryant at 24, he traded down passing on him, Tebow, and Williams.  He picked the CB ahead of those other guys.  Seems perfectly rationale to me that he got who he wanted once they decided not to trade up. Speaking of that, he did trade up.  To get who he targeted in the second round. BB gets four top picks and masterfully extracts a third (Hernandez), and second third (traded for 2011 2nd rounder), and a 5th (Zoltan) and people complain.  Amazing.
    Posted by Encinitas

    I agree, somewhat.  It is a possibility that they were were targeting McCourty all along.  I think they knew the Cowboys were gonna take Bryant.  And as for the other teams that picked before NE,  I think they probably had a good idea that they weren't targeting a cornerback.  Also, maybe they also knew the guy they really would like to have would be gone by 22 and was so they went with the other guy they realistically targeted. 
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    ESPN producers are entitled to their opinions.  I happen to disagree.  I like McCourty because I'm impressed with BB's previous pickups of people with lateral agility/explosion (gaining Wes Welker at any cost, Edelman, Vollmer) and people with notably long arms (Crable while he was healthy, Seymour, Warren, Vollmer again).  McCourty has got the whole package.  Kyle Wilson, also available for cornerback at #27, has shrimpy arms.  Also, McCourty is bigger than Kyle Wilson.

    Next, I think that BB's plan to trade down is brilliant strategy.  He got a third rounder this year and a second rounder next year, thank you.  Watch Price, the bonus third rounder picked up for essentially nothing, beat people out for maybe a #3 wideout spot, and then who in the NFL is going to single-cover that kind of raw speed/explosion/strength downfield?  

    Everyone else is all for grabbing first round "impact players", which, like tech stocks in America and then Florida houses, have too many buyers and no sellers.  I think ESPN has equally taken the stupid but popular side.