ESPN Power Rankings 2013-2014

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    Re: ESPN Power Rankings 2013-2014

    Not including any free agent signings and draft picks, I have Seattle first, San Francisco second and New England third.

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    Re: ESPN Power Rankings 2013-2014

    In response to seattlepat70's comment:

    In response to TFB12's comment:


    1. Seahawks

    2. 49'ers

    3. Broncos

    4. Falcons

    5. Packers

    6. Patriots

    32. Jets - LOL!

    and the rest can be seen here....


    Concerning the Patriots they say..  It was a typical, non-flashy draft for New England. The Patriots didn't get any immediate starters, but they didn't have many pressing needs. (Hensley)


    I think Dobson will be an immediate starter.  As far as the Rankings go, I can't argue with being listed number 6 on the list going into this season.  Not sure I agree with the Bronco's being 3rd though.  And to be honest, as funny as it is I don't think the Jets are number 32.  I don't see the Browns, Jags, Raiders, Cards and Titans above them.



    For some reason, I am expecting Boyce to play more snaps and get targeted more than Dobson.


    I see Dobson as the stretch the D starter who gets thrown to 3-4 times a game, like 2 times deep to keep teams honest and gets 2-3 catches with 1 going for 20+ yards each game.

    I see Boyce being like Branch was as a rookie (43 rec, 489 yrds, 11.4 ypc, 2 TD's) with the smarts to hit the ground running and, like you, see him getting more snaps and maybe being targeted like 5-6 times a game with 3-4 catches.

    Gotta remember to pencil in Gronk, Hernandez for each around 4-6 catches a game and Amendola for 6-7. One of Jones/Jenkins will emerge to catch 1-2 passes a game, same with Ballard. Vareen will catch  like 2 as well and between the other 3 RB's you'll get a catch a game on screens or a broken play.

    That is almost 30 completions per game for TB, probably a little on the high end expectations