ESPN's Rob Parker To Be Fired For Racism

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    Re: ESPN's Rob Parker To Be Fired For Racism

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    most blacks are racist by definition. Just look how they vote in elections, 95-97% for the black candidate. Other races don't vote that way!!!!

    not sure if thats racism or just stupidity.

    Not racism and certainly not stupidity.

    All depends on one's view of the role of government, which is largely dependent on economic class.

    If you come from a privileged class, you tend to believe the role of government is to protect what you have; strong military, active police force, plenty of prisons. And since the privileges of your class allow you to pay for things like private school and health care, you don't want any of your tax dollars supporting anyone else who is not in your class.

    If you come from an underprivileged class, you tend to think the role of goverment is to provide equal opportunity to all its citizens. You tend to think things like education and health care should be the dignified right of all US citizens, not just a privilege for those blessed with well off parents.

    Republican platforms tend to favor the privileged and Democratic platforms tend to favor the underprivileged (which includes poor American whites, who, by dollar volume, are the majority recipients of welfare, food stamps, and other public assistance programs).

    Since American whites enjoyed a 200-300 year economic and civil head start over American blacks, American blacks are economically underprivileged; therefore, it does not make much sense for them to vote for the Republican Party. Conversely, it makes equally little sense for upper class American whites to vote for the Democratic Party.


    they are part of the 47% that  vote for the party of handouts;i.e., free birth control pills, payroll "tax" holidays,extended unemployment benefits,subsidized housing, food stamps, housing debt forgiveness, subsidized education loans, and ALWAYS cry racism, witness Prof Gates and Susan Rice etc.  

    The truth is that American whites benefit far more from these things than any other group.

    Don't take my word for it; do your own homework. You will find that the so-called "Red States" are the primary beneficiaries of government handouts. Poor whites living in the south account for this; they actually fare better under Democratic governments and, in fact, used to vote Democrat until Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. At that point, bigotry became more important than their own economics.

    I said blacks were part of the 47% as are other races including whites. Instead of a helping hand they expect the gov't to support them indefinitely. The "rich" are responsible for all their woes and the Democrats[Obama] keep playing that tune.

    People who make generalized statements like this usually know exceptionally little about black people. Yes, black unemployment runs near 20%; that still means that the 80% majority of black people are hard working people, like you and I.

    Since blacks make up a little less than 13% of the population, even if every unemployed black person in the country did nothing more than stand in line for their check, they would still make up the great minority of the 47% seeking handouts. Math doesn't lie.

    The first documented slave in the US was a man named Casor (I think) in 1654. Since blacks did not have Civil Rights until 1964 (a period of 310 years), perhaps blacks are not seeking a helping hand "indefinitely" as you say; perhaps by the year 2274 (310 years from the passing of the Civil Rights Act), blacks will be willing to call it a wash. Seems fair, I would think.

    I mean, you can't argue with math, now can you?

    You need to read my response carefully. I said "all races" but you insist on the "black guilt trip"

     Blacks will always play the race card with leaders such as Jackson,sharpton,Clyburn,Farrakhan, etc egging them on.

    If you want a history lesson I refer you to the largest mass hanging in the U.S. in March,1891 ,New Orleans,La. in which 11 Sicilian/Italians were lynched after being aquitted of murder by a court. All races have being badly treated in this country at one time or another but they rose above.

     Ref. La Storia, Mangione & Morreale,1992


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    Re: ESPN's Rob Parker To Be Fired For Racism

    In response to RockScully's comment:

    It's just a formality at this point. A suspension is just to give them time to dot the Is and cross the Ts in Human Resources.

    They probably had to do something immediately due to the public reaction to the incident, but it's just a precursor for the eventual firing.

    He's gone over the line before, but this one went way over the line, obviously.  He's a blatant racist. It's like having David Duke on the panel babbling about something on the other side of the table. 

    I have no idea where Parker came from, what his credentials are, etc, but he always came across as very dumb and someone with an agenda.  It's what ESPN looks for, which is pathetic enough, but enough is enough.


    Rock Scully, ESPN officially suspended Rob Parker for 30 days, but will not fire him. It does not have the balls to do so, as I suspected.

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