excited to see BBs reworked D

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    Re: excited to see BBs reworked D

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    I'm with you.  I wish there were not injuries but in this game it's just inevitable.

    The depth has already been tested and will tested further.

    Amendola, Connolly, Talib, Kelly more than likely out for atleast this game.

    Then you have VW and Mayo out for the season.

    PUP guys Armstead and Harrison yet to practice.

    Chris Jones, Joe Vellano (Both Rookies), Marcus Forston filling in for VW and Kelly.

    All the rooks have seen atleast some playing time.  Harmon, Ryan, Collins and Buchanan included.

    Let's not forget Mathew Slater, Special Teams captain.

    Pats 5-1.  

    With all these injuries I still wouldn't be surprised to see them 6-1 after Sunday.

    Sorry to all the BB anti-GM fans.  I think he did a fine job as GM so far.



    I acutally liked what I saw from Logan Ryan last week. 


    I'll add ... Collins has so much talent ... the overall mix, after some game experience, of Mayo - Hightower - Collins might be a better *starting* group than Mayo - Spikes - Hightower ... which has overlap. 

    Not to mention Mayo was going to be getting lifted for Spikes some times anyhow, since VW is gone and Spikes is a better gap/trash defender. 

    tell yourself that

    Ok, I shall. 

    From a strategic perspective I don't think the Mayo injury will be as derailing over the long haul as some think. 

    Because of the loss of Wilfork, NE was going to be playing Spikes over the middle (either as a straight MIKE or the OLB in the under/over alignment between the Ends/tackles) anyhow for a lot of reps. 

    So this would have pushed Mayo to the other spot. 

    Now, this is the spot typically manned by Hightower, who would then be pushed outside, and basically lose any MIKE reps. 

    Now, Collins is coming in. He is actually more athletic (in my opinion) at OLB outside of the tackles than anyone. He has added upside as a pass rusher none from THAT spot, that none of them bring (Spikes and Hightower are better interior blitzers). Add to that Mayo is the least effective interior blitzer.

    The layout of Collins - Spikes - Hightower,  is more dynamic in some respects. 

    Mayo will be missed at MIKE as a signal caller, but I have faith Hightower can do this too. 

    In essence NE is losing a little coverage in losing Mayo -Collins -Hightower as a package option. They are losing experience, in losing Mayo as a MIKE. 

    They still have adequate reserves to field a great everydown package because of their tremendous depth at that spot though. 

    And GIVEN that Spikes was going to see the field a lot more ... .it's not a huge deal. 

    Losing Talib would be 5x the blow. 

    He is the defensive MVP even over Wilfork. 

    All things being equal, I'd rather have Mayo than not... but it's not the end of the world. 

    To be frank .... I think Talib and Tommy Kelly are MORE critical to how well the defense has performed. NE's depth/talent in coverage and new-found interior rush have been the difference makers for this defense vis-a-vis the last few seasons. 

    Good stuff! Very nice and succinct analysis. Hopefully, Hightower is as good at calling signals as Mayo.

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