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    I am angry after losing as well.  However, maybe going 16-0 during the regular season in 2007 has left some unrealistic expectations.  The Pats lost a road game to a good team and are still 5-2 and in the midst of the playoff picture.  It IS aggravating to see the defense give up big plays when they need a stop, and have the offense sputter.  The reality is, every team in the NFL is full of professionals, and it's not as if the Pats are going to win every game.  You can maybe count on one hand the amount of games the Pats have been blown out in the last 5 years.  What team can say that?  I agree that it's most frustrating because this team could be even better than what they are now with better drafting.  I think THIS coming offseason is a crucial turning point for this organization with 2 1st round picks and many decisions to make with veteran players.  This team is still rebuilding...have patience.  What NFL team is loaded EVERY year????  We are lucky.....back away from the cliff.
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    Re: Expectations

    I suspect more people are upset at how the Pats lost rather than simply that they lost to a better team.

    They looked pathetic in every aspect of the game.

    Not good.