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FA CBs available

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    Re: FA CBs available

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    I really want Ras-I to work out here.  He has the physical tools to be a very, very good CB.  If he could just stay healthy!  I think this year will be his last chance.  If he goes out hurt, he could be as good as gone.

    T12 I will gamble on Gamble!!!!!!

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    Re: FA CBs available

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    It really depends on cost, because whoever comes in here needs to be good on STs, too, because if Arrington is a nickel and Talib and Dennard are the starters. The CB FA knows this, so it's very clear it's a camp invite type of thing like they do every year. It won't be some big name because it doesn't need to be.

    You want a guy who can play dime but also back up for nickel. It might be as simple as Jacob Lacey who is good in the slot.

    This is all assuming Dennard won't miss camp, etc.

    A lot of these older dudes or guys who have made millions aren't going to want to come in here to compete for a bubble spot and expect to play on STs, too.

    Whether you like it or not, Dowling gets one more look in camp here too. A 1 year low cost deal with a guy like Jacob Lacey might make sense. If Dowling looks good, then you can just cut Lacey or vice versa.




    Don't you think that the league will suspend Dennard 4-6 games even if he isn't jailed?


    No, he isn't guilty of anything that is suspendable.