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    Re: Fakegate

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    Isn't one of the advantages of running the no huddle is that it makes substitutions almost impossible without incurring a 12 men on the field penalty In Response to Re: Fakegate :
    Posted by patsfaninpa420

    Yes, they would have to put the back-up in initially, in anticipation of...(maybe scrubs wasn't a good word)  2 plays later if not going well, stop the game and put in the starter.
    Not unusual to put back-ups in but when they are the only ones getting hurt (especially since they should be fresh) it would raise eye brows. At least I would hope it would.
    Regardless, the coaches are going to find something to exploit what ever the rule.  But I do think they should increase the amount of time the hurt player stays out.  If he is truly hurt, the rest will do him good.  If not, the coach would probably have to take too big of a gamble and have to weigh the risks and rewards.
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    Re: Fakegate

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    All this "gate" stuff started, of course, after "Watergate", the DC hotel of Nixon infamy. Makes you wonder what these scandals would have been named if the break-in had occurred at the Four Seasons, the Ritz Carlton, etc. And eventually we'll have a scandal involving an actual gate.  That will be called "GateGate" and we'll mercifully be done with this nonsense.
    Posted by nyjoseph

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    Re: Fakegate

    First, I thought we were watching Football, not soccer where dives are a part of tryouts. 

    The problem with implementing a rule that an injured player has to sit out for x number of plays, would lead to players who are really injured, to keep playing to the detrement of themselves and the long term good of the team. 

    Can any of us Pat fans see Rodney or Teddy, or Tom coming off the field to get an injury looked at knowing they will have to sit out for an entire series? 

    Dives are also too subjective. 

    A possible solution would be to give each team two time outs for injuries, once they exceed that, if the team still has regular time outs, they have to use one of those, if they've run out of all of their time outs, an automatic first down and five yards like illegal contact.

    The league could also implement having an independent medical examiner sit step in each time a player goes down, they stay with the "injured player" while being diagnosed & treated on the time sideline. If in the medical examiner's opinion there was no injury, that player is suspended for a game of the opposing team's choosing, not the next game, so that if the team was harmed by the dive, wants to get their competitive advangage back, such as in an inter divison rival,  they can pick that game for the next time they face them.

    Or if that team has a tough match up coming up, the team hurt by the dive can opt to have the diving player sit out that game.

    Of maybe chose any person that plays that particular position, so a third stringer isn't used to take the dive whose lose won't really affect the team. 

    Just a thought.

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    Re: Fakegate

     I personally believe 'spy-gate' was way over-blown! You can do all the filming that you like, but if you don't execute, what good does it do you. These teams scout each other 24/7! The Steelers know Tom Brady is going to come out and pick them apart with quick passes, then when they start to cheat-up to protect the short pass, he beats them down field. The Steelers could video-tape the Patriots the whole week before they play, and I don't think it would make one bit of difference.
    Most Basketball teams only use a handful of plays, heck they even call the play as their coming down court. The defense knows what's coming, but if the offense executes the play well, chances are the defense will still get beat. I realize basketball isn't football, but sports ultimately comes down to who executes the best. As for faking injuries, I'm not sure what they can do to stop it. What happens if they throw a flag on a player that they think is faking, then the next day he's going in for some type of surgery? The poor ref would be run out of football by the media.
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    Re: Fakegate

    Teams do this to slow down the offense or make substitutions. This has been happening for three decades. The caveat is your coach looks like a dullard if you get called with too many men or some procedure call. Certain players arguably, have an intense dislike for players that feign injury, but you still have to execute plays and make adjustments if that is an interim strategy. It's not exactly the BYU 5 WR set.

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    Re: Fakegate

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    No. Tiger Woods hasn't won because he has a bad leg and he's never really been the same since surgery. Also, it's called "inferiority complex", Corky. 25 other teams haven't won one and 27 others haven't even been to one! What is your useless point supposed to mean here? You call me sensitive with Spygate because I just proved it was a witch hunt? That doesn't make any sense. Your'e  wrong.  And you will lose here over and over.  Goodell handled it so poorly, it went on for 8 more months with some loser like StarRIghtNow, who has no real job, no life and wants to be famous in Matt Walsh, looking to make a buck off the story. And THAT didn't even add up because the tapes were edited, which proves there were nothing more than scouting tapes. The more years that have gone by, the more it has become very clear NE did nothing more than get caught speeding by a sherriff who wants his laws upheld to the T. Did the league think what NE did was more severe or are both unable to quantified in teerms of advantage? One act is legal, the other, was hidden away two years in a row which shows deceit.  BB showed no deceit here of any kind. Zero. Could it be Goodell was "new in town" and was hammering away at off field issues and needed to be show consistency with on field issues such as this?  Oh, I think so! Add in his lack of research on the topic and pressure to act, and he messed up.  That's why Tagliabue's ruling is so much softer on Denver as opposed to NE's with a witch hunt by a rival team. Denver's intent actually showed up on an AUDIT. You know, something factual that actually proves something? Why weren't other teams punished for what NE was supposedly guilty of, if Goodell said other teams were in violation? Could it be NE was punished because Goodell saw it as a team going over his head with his big ego? Hmm. Sounds like to me Goodell could have punished Cowher for "cheating" before Cowher retired, but didn't because he either had no clue how to enforce his own rules or how to read them. You're a typical dopey 20 something who grew up with the internet and doesn't believe in research. Some of us have done ours and know what that was about. 
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

    Wow your post are just turning into ramblings now. You really are a sad old man. Unlike you , not only do a have a job , I run my own small business. It really is funny how ignorant , arrogant and dumb you are. Seriously , only a ball washing HOMER moron like you would ever call Brandon Meri. the 2nd best FS in the NFL. LMF AO Only a foolish homer like yourself would take credit for "calling" the Johnson trade. LOL Because there wasn't 5000 other people "calling" the same thing. Much like you , your act is old and tired. Your a old man that actually got banned from BDC several times. How pathetic are you RussGris or is it BBREIGNS? Oh no , thats right , your now "RidingWithTheKing". Seriously how pathetic are , changing your avi. , name and persona like your in the fukin WWE. 
    You LIE constantly , call long time posters that have been here longer than you trolls because the disagree with you and really arn't that knowledgeable about any sport. Let alone football. Which is funny because you have no life and live on BDC. You sit behind your computer and act tough , say things that you you would never say to someone's face. Typical , loser that got picked last in gym class. Go take your med's old man.