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    Fan Vrs Fan

    I see alot of this infighting of fans when folks make contributions others feel are either fan boyish or anti Keeping the Faith.

    1st let me say I've been a fan since the year I was born 1963 first memories I have is watching old pats game on a black and white tv set with my DAD.

    Look Everyone has there opionions instead of belittling them disagree with them in an adult fashion makes for a much better discussion thread than a one ups man insult thread.

    Concerning the Defense (yes this is the worst statistical defense we have had in new england ( i include the early 80's RED SEA) but are stats the catch all now adays not really when an offence is so overpowering that a million points scored agains your D you still win with a million + 1. Are we in trouble for a play off scenario.... You Betcha, can it be fixed before the end of the season , again YOU BETCHA.....  How you ask, um um No idea but we have one of the best coaches to every coach in this league so if it can be done who better do you have in mind to do it other than BILL????

    Our offense. Should we run more and work on our running game. Um, Um,NO look its not late November why work that area when your offensive passing portion can light up the scoreboard in a matter of minutes. I understand your agnst that we need to learn to run mentality, but I ask this question who says we can't run? We have yet to have a need to Shove the ball down ones throat due to horrible weather conditions or to secure a close late game lead. Hold your worries till late in the year and we in fact have to run but yet can't then your fears would be true and well spoken.

    Team as a whole, so far we won 5 lost 2 at that rate we would end the season 11 - 5 , or 12 -4. As a long time tourtured fan I'm good with that record, will it win us a championship. Heck yes , just getting into the playoffs assures you of a chance to win it. (2001 remember folks we were not suppose to go anywhere).

    So just lighten up, Enjoy the season and have some classy discussions and differences of opionions.
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