fantasy football

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    fantasy football

    just want to know what everyone thinks of my nfl fantasy team:

    QB- Drew Bress
          Aaron Rodgers
          Eli manning
    RB- Adrian Peterson 
          Lendale white
    RB- Brandon Jacobs
          Joseph Addia
    WR-Anquan Boldin
          Greg Jennings
          Santonio Holmes
    TE-Dustin Keller
    K-  Jason Elam
    DST- Vikings
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    Re: fantasy football

    not bad,try to trade all three, eli,and one of your defenses,and either lendale,or addai for another solid back-up receiver.
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    Re: fantasy football

    I'd say it is about as good as mine.....

    Brees/ Cassells
    RB- AP/Chris Johnson/Ray Rice/Chester Taylor and Lesean McCoy
    TE- Shockey/Cooley
    Wr/ Randy Moss/ Reggie Wayne/ Andre Johnson/ Wes Welker/ Bowe
    Def- Giants
    K- Carpenter from Mia.

    We are in a keeper league with a bunch of people I served in the military with.  So most of my team is a left over not a draft this year.  Also, I got our commissioner to OPEN the trading window early and well he got too busy to send updates.  That made it easy to get A. Johnson/ Regiie Wayne/Ray Rice during the off-season.  SO I went into a (9round) draft including free agent- bidding with only the #9 pick in the draft and the #62 pick in the draft... But who cares?

    I think your team will do really well if you pick the right people to play on the right days.

    I beat my opponent this week by 75 point and moss hasn;t played yet (his team is done).

    Have a fun year, but I would (and am trying) to trade from your strengths if you are in a keeper league.