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Felger & Mazz

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    Re: Felger & Mazz

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    I respect that Felger speaks his mind, but it drives me fr*ggin nuts when he tries to pass off his opinion as fact, just because it's opinion.
    Posted by mbeaulieu07

    There are many on this board that don't seem to understand the difference between opinion and fact either. Bugs me, too.

    Living on the West coast, I'm thankfully no longer subjected to Felger. I always thought he was a pompous windbag, too full of himself.
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    Re: Felger & Mazz

    Alf Felger does not present his opinion as an opinion he presents it as fact and thats why people dont like him or his show. And as for him picking teh Jets to win, that just him trying to p iss people off so he can get more people to call in sense making his show get more ratings....he is a shock jock.
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    Re: Felger & Mazz

    Is it me or do the 2 of them often scream on their mics when they get too excited about a topic. Their mic level is also a little too high, you can almost hear them breathing and spitting, i just don't understand how the audio engineer(s) can't pick that up. I used to do radio, that sht is just faux pas.

    What kills me about That FRAUD Felger, he roots for any team that is a bitter rival enemy of the Patriots. This is the same FRAUD that was on the Jets bandwagon, can you believe it, the JETS, when they had their little 3 game winning streak. Practically all of the New York media thought their little fraud team was a shoe in for the superbowl, never mind playoffs, they just bypass that. Felger was so praising their "Defense", even Mark Sanchez saying how the Jets made a good draft pick compared to the Pats who are wasting theirs. Fast forward 5 games later, Sanchez putting up record INT's, there is no word about this love fest for the Jets anymore, last week it was for Peyton Manning. On and on he went about the Colts. same thing, better drafting, players, coaching, everything.

    How the people at that station allow this FRAUD Michael Felger to be on the radio to broadcast to hometown fans is just beyond me.

    Like a poster here mentioned, these guys thrive on the hometown teams to fail, nothing pleases them more because it works in their favor, they upset fans and their lines are lit up with calls. JUST DON'T LISTEN, DON'T CALL and watch them start begging fans to call rather then hang up on them and offering tickets to games. Let Felger do what he does best, READ HIS PHONY "MADE UP" EMAILS OF FANS ASKING HIM QUESTIONS.  Trust me, I used to work in Radio, I know the tricks.
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    Re: Felger & Mazz

    Felger is far too opinionated and arrogant. Mazz is a suckup, and I'm fairly certain a closet Yankee fan. They are awful. Add in Mazz's incredibly annoying voice, and I can't understand what dolt thought it would be a good idea to not only bring these two jokes in, but then to put them on a show TOGETHER!

    Thousands of people are clamoring for anything to compete with WEEI, and this is the best they could do? Sad.

    Felger is famous for rewording, or cherry picking facts to support his arguments, however baseless. I can't stand him, I wish he would go back to WI, or at the very least, just get out of New england. He's miserable, insufferable, painful to listen to. I don't know where his arrogance comes from, but I wish somebody would knock him on his a**, and wipe that smug grin off of his stupid face. Mazz is just annoying...opinions and voice...but I don't loathe him the way I do Felger.
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    Re: Felger & Mazz

    I cant stand felger!!!! I hate the way he has his opinion and he thinks its fact. The way he loves to be on tv and look in the camera...He is a *bag!!!
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    Re: Felger & Mazz

    Felgers a wisconsin born packer loving MORON - why doesnt he go put on his cheesehead and move back......