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Felix Jones

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    Re: Felix Jones

    Bolden is on the bubble, Jones is a upgrade over Bolden.

    Ridley and Vereen are solid but  why not take a look a Jones as a possible upgrade over Bolden.

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    Re: Felix Jones

    Yup,the Patriots are in full interview stage. Hawkins got a contract, Jones,Hadnot and Caldwell got the road test. Next!

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    Re: Felix Jones

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    Why bother with RB's?  All us genius posters know Brady forces BB to let him design the weekly game plan which only consists of shotgun spread sets.



    You're starting to wake up now, huh TCal? Lol

    I am sure you cheer when Brady sucks over 4 qtrs in the shotgun spread set, think it's 1968 where 14 points woud win you a playoff game or SB, and think constant 3 and outs or turnovers are super dee duper for our defense.

    Hey, how about we don't move the ball from our 20 and then punt it over and over? Do you think our D will pitch a shutout? lmao


    Still waiting for our D to get off of  Lucas Field. You think maybe the D could get a 3 and out and allow Brady more posessions? Yea lets expect Brady to continue to lead the offense to its 30 pt average with HALF the time to do so and a 4 man rush that gives him 2.5 seconds to throw while keeping 7 guys back to cover 4. Stop Trolling Russ, I think people know where you stand at this point. Brady S*cked over 4 quarters!?!?!?  Ok, Sure and our D playe Fantastic right???   L.T.G.



    you are right the defense was awful against indy in 2006, but against the giants in those two super bowls and vs the ravens this year, the defense kept the pats in the game and the offense couldnt capitalize.


    Ummm, no, you cant be awful while holding the Colts to 6 pts in the 1sty half. Eric Alexander being inserted into the starting lineup lost that game. How the H3ll can you say a defense that cant even get off the field is keeping the offense in the game??? in 06, the defense had their 3 and outs. D.Clark killed us and our D gassed out in the dome in the 4th. Stop making stuff up because it only strengthens the rumors of you being rusty. I wonder why u always speak for Rusty but you seem to never question his troll behavior which is Obvious to ALL. You  aint fooling noone and you have the same revisionist history...