The D CONTINUEs to look very good.

First of all, I hope Wilfork is Ok, that's obviously a big concern. Kelly looked fine, and his replacement also looked good...but he's a difference maker.

I predicted Talib would be the MVL before this game, and he did not disappoint. I want excited all offseason about the prospect of him being here from the first day. We all saw the impact he could have last season, and he's obviously got his head screwed on straight at the moment. I hope it continues.

I complimented it before, and I'll do it again..they keep playing very low-mistake football. Nobody plays mistake free, but they are doing an EXCELLENT job avoiding penalties, broken defenses, and generally dumb plays.

The offense continues to look better and better. Another injury concern on this side of the Dobson took that ugly hit in the endzone. Hopefully youthful flexibility saved him from any real damage and we don't have another katzenmoyer situation.

If Thompkins can fix some of those dropsies, he may very well turn into the outside receiver we've been looking for the past few seasons right now. That's remarkable for an undrafted guy in his rookie season. Truly it's unfolding, currently better than the Vince Papale story.

Running game looked pretty awesome. I don't really have much to say, it's been missed.