Final Cuts

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    In Response to Re: Final Cuts : Guys, don't get caught up in the numbers game.  Two of those ILB can play OLB too, Guyton actually started several games at OLB last year and Fletcher can play there as well.  Dane Fletcher was a DE in college.  I think the reason Slater made the team is because you can play him anywhere, WR, DB and KR.  I don't think he's very good at any of these positions but BB likes the versatility. 
    Posted by Faucetman

    Yea, I know this isn't the final roster. Just seemed strange to see that many ILB's yesterday. I hope Guyton works out at OLB. I like his speed. Maybe they're going to work him in there gradually.
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     Has anyone seen any links that would give us a feel for who the Pats are pursuing among yesterday's cuts.One would think that they would be looking for at least one OLB and CB.A veteran OL(like Hartwig?)and DE also makes sense.Look for three or four of yesterday's Pats' cuts to land on their practice squad.I just don't believe through adding bodies.Again,has anyone heard or seen anything about who they are interested in at this time.
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    hard to believe we're still carrying 5 running backs. should be 3
    Posted by kansaspatriot

    Agreed.  It should be Taylor, Law Firm and Faul, with Hernandez playing fullback in power formations. 

    I bet BB is planning a surprise cut of Maroney this week, just to rub it in the fairy's face.