final mock draft

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    final mock draft

    #22 i think we should trade #22 down and hopefully pick up a 3rd round pick then select Jerry Hughes OLB TCU

    he is actually STRONGER than Kindle and despite being double and triple teamed defined what a OLB should be. he is a quick twitch athlete at 6-2 and 255 pounds. He is strong enough to set the edge and is smart enough and fast enough to cover if he drops into coverage. He has a big motor and NEVER takes plays off.  Has the wingspan of a 6-8 player and lobbied to play special teams despite his status.  High character kid also.

    #44 Tyson Alualu 3-4 DE California 6-3 295

    Classic BB player.  He is scheme independent.  He can play 3-4 or 4-3 as he did in college. Very smart kid just to get into Cal. Super high intensity player.  The next play he takes off will be the first he has ever taken off. Works hard in game and at practice. Loves football. The more I looked at this kid the more I liked him. He is our starting DE opposite Warren from day one. Incredibly fast and quick for his size and can move into DT in 4-3. As fast as he is moving up I hope he is here for us.

    #47 Jared Veldheer OT (hillsdale) Ht: 6'8" wt: 315 the next vollmer but he is faster

    #53 Jimmy Graham TE Miami 6-6 260

    Could be a reach but he might have biggest upside in the entire draft and another super high character kid. I think you are looking at the next Tony Gonzales.


    #67 (receive in trade) Toby Gerhart RB (Stanford)

    Round 4

    #119 Vince Oghobaase DE (Duke)     HT: 6'6" | WT: 300 or Daniel Te'oNesheim DE/OLB washington 6-4 263

    Round 5 (Trade for)

    O'Brien Schofield OLB/ILB (Wisconsin)  

    Round 6 (receive one compensatory 6th round pick)

    #190 Perry Riley OLB (LSU)

    #205 Joe Webb QB/WR (UAB)- endelman 2.0

    Round 7 ( receive three 7th round compensatory picks + Philly's + Denvers)

    #229 Zoltan Mesko P (Michigan) or Jeremy Boone P (Penn State)

    #231 Jameson Konz FB/OLB (Kent State) or Richard Dickson TE/FB (LSU)

    #247 Chris Marinelli OT (Stanford)

    #248 Seyi Ajirotutu WR (Fresno State) Height: 6-4 | Weight: 204 or Curtis Steele RB (Memphis)

    #250 Patrick Stoudamire CB (Western Illinois)


    Trindon Holiday WR/KR (LSU) 5-5, 162, 4.27 small but extremely fast with good hands.

    Jeremy Miles S (U Mass) 6'2" 210

    Mike Johnson MLB (North Alabama) 6'3" 248

    good against the run and pass.  One site called him a 4th round talent who will be a 7th or UDFA. 

    Ramon Harewood OT (Morehouse College)

    David Nelson WR (Florida) Height: 6-5 | Weight: 212 | 38" vertical leap |4.57 in the 40

    Jeff Byers OL (USC) Height: 6-4 | Weight: 301

    Sam Shields WR/CB (Miami FL) Height: 5-11 | Weight: 183 | 10" hands |sub 4.4 40 time


    Nolan Carroll CB (Maryland) Height: 6-0 | Weight: 204 | 4.37 40 time 


    J'Marcus Webb OT (west Texas A&M) Height: 6-7 | Weight: 335


    Jeron Mastrud TE (Kansas State) Height: 6-6 | Weight: 256


    Scott Long, WR (Louisville) Height: 6-2 | Weight: 216


    Matt Dodge, P (East Carolina) Height: 6-2 | Weight: 224

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    Re: final mock draft

    Would not mind that draft at all. 
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    Re: final mock draft

    I like Hughes as well , but he needs serious work to become a real OLB in the NFL. I wouldnt take any of the projected OLBs in the first. Hughes needs real work on his technique , playing in space because he'd get eatin' up keep now. The thing that really concerns me is the problem he has getting of blocks against T's and even TE's. He can learn technique , he learn to play in space , but learning to shed blocks at this stage scares me a little bit. Sure you can improve on almost anything , even at this stage , but is this a sign of what type of player hes going to be? The Pats need to kill this draft and get at least 3/4 players who will be starting and making a big impact 2-3 years from now.
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    Re: final mock draft

    If we dont move up and grab a stud Im all for trading down. I dont see the depth that others see in this draft. I see tons of guys who could be , alot of projects etc. Depth to me would be if you had JPP in the second , very little at 4-3 DE , WR , QB , CB. Doesnt mean I dont like alot of guys..just not in the first.
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    Re: final mock draft

    I am so confused as to who the Patriots will draft as they went and either saw a player workout at his pro day or had them in for indivigual workouts to the tune of 71 indivigual players. I know this much for sure as of 2:10 AM on 4/22/10 they still have 12 draft choices and barring a trade before the first round begins they will still have 12 draft choices starting at 7pm this evening.
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    Re: final mock draft

    Very good...I'd sub in in a WR like Williams or Thomas over Graham.  Hughes and Alualu seem to be at the top of several Pat insider boards.  There are so many decent TEs they can wait a while.  I read Sapp, Hughes and Norwood in that order may fit them best at OLB.

    If they do trade up it will be for a pass rusher.  The report I saw on Hughes was a bit more upbeat than the above.

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    Re: final mock draft

    I agree with you natesubs, I can see that as well (Pats moving down) and picking up HUGHES from TCU.  You know (most years) the guy everyone is saying we should draft, it's Always someone else.  Hughes would fit this thinking here.  Some folks have us picking him up in 2nd, but they can actually move down in 1st and pick up a 3rd rounder this year, and still get a DE/OLB like Hughes.  I also, can't see the Pats going thru over 100 picks or so, without having a pick in 3rd round. 

    As far as our other picks go, I do hope they can snag a RB somewhere in 2nd that could hopefully help take the pressure off of Brady.  Of course, if they can snag a OLineman as well! Very important.  We'll see,,, can't wait.