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Fixing the defense

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    Re: Fixing the defense

    This team will not beat the Goths or Steelers on the road in the playoffs without a spectacular offensive game plan (cf: Brady and some balanced running). I like what I am seeing from Vereen and Ridley.
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    Re: Fixing the defense

    Defense is playing better, but it's still not a strength of this team.  Fortunately, the AFC is not full of dangerous offenses, so we may be okay through the playoffs as long as the offense can rack up the points.  Our problem comes when we hit a good defense and our offense sputters.  Then we need the defense to step up. Can they do that against a better QB than they've faced in recent weeks?  I'm not sure of the answer yet, but hey, that's why the games are interesting to watch . . .

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    Re: Fixing the defense

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    In Response to Re: Fixing the defense : I believe the anomaly lies with execution. Too many mistakes by the offense, defense and special teams did them in. A better defense would not have allowed the Jets to be 4-4 in the red zone so I agree with you there. Ravens, Steelers, Texans, Raiders, those are the teams we are likely to face in the playoffs. Flacco, Roethlisberger, Leinart, Palmer, I'm quivering.
    Posted by digger0862

    They're not the issue. The issue is the defenses of Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Houston and Oakland, all of which have enough talent and pass rush to give the OLine and Brady fits. The question is if the Pats score less than 20 points in those games, does the Pat's defense hold the other teams to less than 20?

    The main issue for the defense is really being able to make a stop when they need to (see Buffalo, Jets, Giants, Dallas). I hope everyone isn't going to get too enthralled by playing out the remaining schedule full of Palko, Vince the Immortal Young, Painter, Grossman, Moore and the Ivy Leager. OUR DEFENSE SHOULD LOOK GOOD AGAINST THAT LINEUP OF BTEAM QUARTERBACKS. The playoffs will be when the defensive rubber hits the road.

    BTW, Vince the Immortal just finished with 400 yards passing....what do you think a real quarterback would do to that pass defense?