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    Pulled this from an article. We just may want to pay attention to what Flkacco's doing.

    "Flacco has now produced the two most highly rated games of his postseason career in back to back games. He posted a 125.6 rating against the Colts last week.

    And he’s got to the AFC title game this year with a team that simply does not belong there: the Ravens were No. 12 in scoring defense, No. 11 in our Quality Stats Power Rankings and in the Top 10 in just four of the 20 Quality Stats we use to size up teams at CHFF Insider.

    On top of all that, Baltimore’s special teams this week put Flacco in the offense under two touchdowns of pressure.

    Flacco may have been along for the ride in past years. But the Ravens are in the AFC title game this year because of him."


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