Fletcher fires back!

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    Re: Fletcher fires back!

    D played well in the first half in that AFC championship against Indy, but was gassed in the second half.  Flu and age took their toll.  At least that's how I remember it. 

    Offense was severly lacking in weapons.  Brady has never (in my opinion) had a truly great arsenal around him.  By that, I mean a squad of receivers and running backs that is both talented and deep and that also has some stability. It seems instead that every year BB is patching together a squad that has a little talent and a little depth, but never seems to be great across the board.

    When our defense was good, the inconsistency in offensive talent didn't hurt us, because the defense kept games close and Brady was good enough to get points with even a weak squad.  As the defense has gotten worse and we've had to rely more heavily on the offense, though, the lack of talented depth and diversity in the offensive weapons has hurt us against the best defenses.  Right now we have a team where all the weapons are designed to attack the short middle of the field.  Good defenses just flood that part of the field and challenge us to throw deep or run or throw at the edges . . . and we lack the horses for that game so we can be shut down.  We beat weaker defenses easily.  But the best ones can stop our offense.  And we aren't winning games with our defense anymore.  

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    Re: Fletcher fires back!

    What you haven't realized is, you're out of your league here. You know the game a bit, but have this problem where you want attenton here (likely tied to childhood issues), so you ignore facts and reality to try to challenge me.

    Then, when you lose, you're so embarrassed you starting using a load of exclamation points as you try to backepdal.  And it's highly insulting to me, as someone who's a bit more intelligent than yourself, for you to go on and on like this.

    This is the funniest thing i have heard in a while,,,,,thanks for the laugh..

    Wow, and yet you still dont realize that you just described yourself.  I have seen atleast 10 people in the last year try to tell you this and  it just went right over your head.

    So let me get this straight.
    The guy that argues with another poster every day and continues to get called out daily has a problem speaking with me because he is more intelligent than me and its an insult to keep going on.....WoW, you really just typed that with a serious face?

    You need to seek help and realize that outside of this board, you are nobody and that must hurt. Just for the fun of it. I will entertain it. I am not as intelligent as you. Im an so sorry Russ for insulting you, How about I put your intelligent a ss back on ignore so you dont have to subject yourself to my ignorance. Would that be fair Oh Great King Rusty??  Shall I just walk away with my head down in defeat or just kill myself....Oh, decisions, decisions....
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    Re: Fletcher fires back!

    In Response to Re: Fletcher fires back!:
    In Response to Re: Fletcher fires back! : Gronk just got caught on camera dancing like a moron, with shirless dudes to Maroon 5.... I'm not sure he wants to start any wars of words anytime soon.
    Posted by Thesemenarecowards

    Can we knock off this Gronk nonsense?  If he wants to party, why is that a big deal?  Is crying going to make it better?  He has a great attitude, he likes to have fun, and we were one Pollard hit away from winning the SB.  GET OFF.  Stop being a crybaby.  Stop ragging on Gronk and Welker.  Not just you, EVERYONE.
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    Re: Fletcher fires back!

    In Response to Re: Fletcher fires back!:
    Shizzly brought it up.  I just think it's funny some here still can't admit that these losses or eeked out wins in the postseason are rooted in the style of our offense, tracing back to 2005.
    Posted by RustyGriswold

    I tend to agree.  After Ted Johnson retired, they never found the tough guy, inside replacement.  Then they went for Rosy Colvin and Adalius Thomas.
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    Re: Fletcher fires back!

    the sad part about bradon jacobs is he fell down mid insult, Just like when he runs for a 2 yard loss 50% of the time.