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Floyd Reese being considered for Browns GM?

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    Floyd Reese being considered for Browns GM?

    This article is a few days old.  I don't know how it flew under the radar here.  Maybe it was discussed by one of the guys who write all CAPS and use SMS Text abbreviations from their PC (unreadable, lazy).  Anyway, the source is Florio (washing my mouth with soap), but apparently Reese is one of the candidates for the Browns GM job.  I read it today by catching another article that Holmgren might also be up for the job.

    I credit Reese with turning around our recent draft woes more than anyone.  Reese drafted three Rookie of the Years as the Titans GM.  I think we need this guy.  We've had a few bad drafts and really need to make up for it with a few good drafts.  Reese has always been a good judge of talent.  Even the best will not hit on all prospects though.  Have the Pats become a half-way house to better opportunities?  Here is the article:

    Floyd Reese could be the next Browns G.M.

    So with last night's stunning win over the Steelers, Browns coach Eric Mangini is safe, right?

    Um, maybe not.

    In the end, Mangini's fate could be decided by a new football czar and/or G.M.

    And the man occupying one or both of those roles soon could be former Titans G.M. Floyd Reese.

    That's the current talk in league circles, which comes on the heels of recent indications that the Browns will soon be making a move in the front office.  

    That said, we're not yet hearing definitively that Reese will get the job.

    It remains to be seen whether Reese or anyone else would have the ability to fire Mangini.  And here's an intriguing wrinkle, if the guy is Reese and if Reese has the juice to dump the guy who apparently prefers milkshakes.  Reese currently is working for the Patriots, and it's possible that Reese has gotten an earful this year from New England coach Bill Belichick regarding Mangini, who is widely blamed for instigating of the Spygate scandal based on inside information he obtained while working with the Patriots -- and thus benefiting from any actual or perceived cheating.
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    Re: Floyd Reese being considered for Browns GM?

    NT GR8 2 C DIS.. Just kidding...Everybody wants a piece of our success. There is no other team that has been raped the way this one has. Let's see what happens but I almost expect to lose management and or player personnel guys every year. Talk about the blessing and curse of being good.

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    Re: Floyd Reese being considered for Browns GM?

    Here's hoping Bob Kraft keep Reese in the patriots organization. I have a feeling the Patriots are tired of all the revolving doors in the front office. I think they'll
    do what is needed to keep him there. Second, I hope Romeo comes back as DC.