All the players who were interviewed yesterday were raving about the "new fly wire collars in the new uniforms. They said no longer will they worry about their shoulder pads popping out and slowing down the team. They also said it will be harder to take a player down by the collar (illegal anyways). Also it's flexible and form fitting. The Patroits were the Only Team that did not take advantage of this to stay true to there design. If they wanted to "stay true to their design" then they should have gone back to the red jersey keeping the flying Elvis. They haven't changed it up in about 11 years now. Look how often the celtics and bruins change uniforms. I really don't think the new jerseys will be that much of a game changer but I don't see one single difference in the new design. Also will the Pats ever go back to using an alternative uni or is the throwbacks consider the 3rd?