Football fans out there? Picks this weekend?

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    Re: Football fans out there? Picks this weekend?

    I'll take AZ with the points and actually think they might just win outright.  The Saints really struggled down the stretch and I don't know they can just get back to where they were 2 months ago.  Home loss to TB w/ starters playing?   

    I think Indy wins comfortably.  Flacco will have to do a lot more in that game and he won't.  Indy tackles better than NE and Rice won't be getting 5 YAContact every time he touches the ball this week. 

    My gut tells me Dallas but I think this is the game of the weekend.  I'd say on offense they are pretty even, maybe a slight edge to MINN but the Cowboy defense is playing real well right now.  I think the winner of this game goes to the super bowl. 

    Cinci didn't have huge problems moving the ball against the Jets(missed a couple of short FG's), which you would think means SD can do the same.  I think the ride is over for the JETS.  Sanchez will turn it over a couple times and SD will cover.

    What a great weekend of games!!!

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    Re: Football fans out there? Picks this weekend?

    db -

    1.  N O - Only Brees can light it up like Warner can, and although the Saints have been "off" recently, they are money at home.  Additionally, the Cards are Jekyll and Hyde team.  They are not consistent.  They can be spectacular one week and awful the next.  Saints get this one, but they will not beat the spread.

    2.  Colts - First play of scrimmage scores are flukes, imo.  Take away that and the very quick strip of Brady and its a completely different game.  One of the differences between the pats of current and the past is that if these two things happened to the pats of the past, those teams had the leadership and strength of character to regroup and make that game a game.  The current team does not.  The colts will not suffer these kinds of mistakes early.  The Ravens running game will get their yards but will not dominate.  Flacco is hurt and Manning won't make the same mistakes he made in the first game.  The colts will also beat the spread. 

    3.  Dallas - I just think they are rolling and have enough confidence to win.  They beat the spread. 

    4.  NYJ - I am going out on a limb here, because SD is the national favorite to win it all right now, but the Jets may just be exactly the team that the Chargers do not want to play.  The Jets have the D to challenge the Charger's O, and they have the running game/ball control to have the upper hand against SD's D.  I will feel better about this pick if the Jets win the coin toss.

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    Re: Football fans out there? Picks this weekend?

    Colts- The Pats didn't play the first quarter of the game.  If you get the Ravens behind than you force them to throw and they become a mediocre team.  I don't expect another team to spot them 21 points but maybe.  Thier defense is good but I don't see them getting past the Colts this week.

    Cardinals- Until I see the Saints perform in the playoffs I won't believe it.  I just think Warner is the safe bet here but neither defense has been spectacular.

    Cowboys- This team appears to have everything right now.  I don't buy into the AP hype, the game favors passing now and I think Dallas can pass as well as anybody and they can get to Favre who tends to make big mistakes under pressure.

    SD- Offense vs Defense, tough call.  If any team can slow down SD it's NY but I can't bet against a team with that much talent right now.
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    Re: Football fans out there? Picks this weekend?

    1.  I like New Orleans to win at home, but I think it's a push, which is just an excuse for me to say I have no clue how this shootout will unfold.  I like New Orleans' defense slightly more than Arizona's and I like Brees slightly more than I like Warner, so I'm going to say New Orleans will cover, but who knows?

    2.  I think Dallas wins - they have more momentum than the Vikings and a better overall defense.  I think the Vikings' chances lie in the health of Antoine Winfield, who will have to shut down Miles Austin.  Since Winfield has been injured since midseason, I don't see the Vikings pulling this one off.  Dallas has the running game to take pressure off of Romo... for now.

    3.  I think Indianapolis will win, but not cover.  The Ravens usually don't let games get away from them and Ray Rice is a beast behind a good run-blocking unit facing a mediocre run defense.

    4.  I don't think Sanchez will be able to win as a rookie quarterback on the road - the Q is pretty loud and the Chargers' pressure-based 3-4 gets overshadowed by their offense.  I like the Chargers to win and cover and I think they sense that it's their time.  If the Chargers stop the Jets' running attack, their offense has the weapons to put points on the board and put the game in Sanchez' unreliable hands.  In a league of QBs, Rivers >>> Sanchez, laughably
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    Re: Football fans out there? Picks this weekend?

    I loved New Orleans early in the season.
    I love Arizona lately.

    If Baltimore goes up 24-0 they may have a chance.

    Can the Favre magic senior run continue?
    Dallas is playing very well of late.

    I'm glad we didn't face the Jets last week, we would have lost to them as well.
    San Diego is on a roll.

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    Re: Football fans out there? Picks this weekend?

    I do not expect the Saints defense to be as befuddled as Green Bay was by the Cards' stack formations. N'awlins should "Brees" at home  (good gawd, that was awful).

    The Ravens play a style that could beat the Colts, but they won't. What did Manning throw, three interceptions in the first meeting? -- and Baltimore still lost? This one will be a blowout.

    The Vikings are an enigma, and are the most likely home team to get blown out this weekend, but if Jared Allen can do what he does against false-start machine Flozell Adams, the Pokes will have trouble scoring. Minnesota will have trouble scoring because the Human Turnover will want to take over the game and we all know what that means. I expect Dallas to win a close game, simply because Favre is destined to go out with yet another season-ending interception (although this may just be wishful thinking on my part, as I would welcome anything that would shut bandwagon Vikings fan up).

    Green New Jersey has to play an actual NFL team this weekend. That is not good news for them. San Dago should embarass the Jests convincingly.

    This is the wisdom, as I see it.

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    Re: Football fans out there? Picks this weekend?

    Who cares? I'm going out. When I return, I hope there will be reports of intestines oozing all over the field and Joe Theismann-type injuries.