Football Scoring Contest - Week 8

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    Re: Football Scoring Contest - Week 8

    I'd like to change my pick from the Chiefs to the 49ers please.  Thanks.  LTP

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    Re: Football Scoring Contest - Week 8



    Thank You.........

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    Re: Football Scoring Contest - Week 8

    In response to TFB12's comment:

    BTW nyjoseph, you are running this contest (thank you very much!) how the heck did you miss picking some games??

    It only looks like I've missed picking games.   You don't just roll out of bed and rack up 106 points through 7 weeks.  It takes careful research.  No one, and I mean no one, can shut down an offense like I can by simply making them my pick of the week.  For that reason, I am saving the Broncos for when they play the Pats.

    Anyway, this week my pick is:

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    Re: Football Scoring Contest - Week 8

    After much deliberation .  I  see lions cowboys turning into a shootout so lions (the pick) could be making a big move... go megatron vs Dez Bryant...!  A couple picks by Romo could help the cause.....   go reggie bush...

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    Re: Football Scoring Contest - Week 8

    Give me the skins...or whatever they are calling them these days

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    Re: Football Scoring Contest - Week 8

    In response to nyjoseph's comment:


    (1) Pick one NFL team each week
    (2) You can not pick the same team twice (similar to survivor/knockout)
    (3) You receive the number of points equal to what your team scored
    (4) Your selection must be logged before kickoff of the game you choose
    (5) The Regular Season winner is the person with the most points at the end of the 16-game season
     6) Every participant will select one BYE week.  You can choose any week you want.  You don't need to select that week in advance. If you fail to make a selection by Kickoff time and you have not used your BYE week, then you will automatically get a BYE for that week.
     7) Playoffs:  The top 12 participants by points at the end of the regular season will make the playoffs. Then, those 12 people will pick the one real playoff team whose playoff points they want.  The regular season winner picks first, the second place finisher picks second and so on. The 12th place finisher is stuck with the last team not chosen.  Regular season points do not count toward playoff totals. In case of a tie, the playoff champion will be the team that advances the furthest.
    8) When life gives you lemons, find someone whose life gave them tequila.
    Games for Week 8: (note there is a Thursday game this week - Panthers @ Bucs)

    Registered Players, Standings and Used Picks:  (be sure to check here for teams you have already used)

    The best points for the week were available in the Skins-Bears game.   Skins had 45 and Bears 41.  No game player took either team.   Coolade2 had the most points for the week (39) by selecting the Colts.  That made Coolade2 our new leader - the 4th leader through 7 weeks.  Cyberknot is the leader of game players who have taken a BYE and is only 11 points off the overall lead.

    Pic Winner for Week 7tcal2- comes up with the 3-peat.   Tough to do, especially with the best contributions of the season.  That young lady was accessorized (you can take that any way you want).

    Here are the top 12 right now (top 12 at the end of the season make the playoffs):

    Player Name           Point Total

    coolade2         230
    56redsox         228
    PHILZONE686      220
    Cyberknot        219
    NEGAME2          217
    PatsEng          212
    Quagmire3        210
    TFB12            208
    AyyyBoston       203
    digger0862       201
    ghostofjri37     196
    LuvsThosePats    189

    Top 12 for those who have used the BYE

    Cyberknot        219
    AyyyBoston       203
    jimmytantric     186
    freediro         181
    tcal2-           173
    thehub           171
    aytee            160
    Muzwell          151
    mrmojo1120       133
    PATSchampsSB     121
    nyjoseph         106
    Philskiw1        102


    One last question NYJ--if their are 12 posters picking 12 playoff teams how does the point system work when the BYE teams dont play the first week? The posters pickin them would have one less game of points than the others--shouldn't it be 8 picking the last eight AFTER the wild card weekend?