For all of your Patriots draft haters.......

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    For all of your Patriots draft haters.......

    An intersting thing Gosselin does every year.....Interesting draft spot...... for the McCourty doubters

    Pats with 3 first rounders in re-draft

    December, 9, 2010
    By Mike Reiss" target="_blank">Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News offers up a 2010 re-draft; always a fun exercise to re-stack the board based on what we know now.
    He has three Patriots in the first round, and is most complimentary of cornerback Devin McCourty, slotting him fourth overall.

    Tight ends Aaron Hernandez (19) and Rob Gronkowski (30) also find their way into the first round.

    The Patriots, at the 27th spot, end up with receiver Jacoby Ford.

    In this case, they probably would have stuck with Gronkowski.
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