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cmon all, can we get off the who can take who school yard stuff.

this was about a slur of viince's wife (and of women)



I believe I branched it off in a more interesting direction. Name calling has been going on as long as speech.  Heck, the Rusty’s along with about ½ the posters on this board can’t get through a post without calling someone a name.  Not sure if you noticed but I’m one of the few that don’t call other posters names (though I bust on Rusty with names as a retort to his name calling).



Ted made a comment he has to live with.  Does it bother me…  Do I care about the situation….no  This is just another case of Social Media (something else I don’t care about) blowing up nothing.



I will admit this thread provided some entertainment while I was sitting at Indianapolis Airport waiting for my flight home to Newark Airport yesterday.  I will say I was a bit surprised that I had a post removed that was nothing more than a witty response to a post where someone was saying I’d end up with a bloody “A$S” if I grew up in his neighborhood.


thanks for the thoughts. i ddint see your removed post.

i  guess you and some conider who would take who interesting.

to me that is dwarfed by teh serioous issues raised by the ted commments (and something we can do about in our very own lives) that is not participate in misogyniostic speach or action and call it out when friends or aqcuaintances do so (without damning them).