Foster on Patriots..."We Owe Them One"

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    Last time we defeated the Texans we got all the bounces.  Ridley's early fumble recovered by Hernandez, Woodhead's fumble in the end zone recovered by Lloyd...

    Does everyone remember the offensive dry spell in the middle of the game and Brady being hit several times? 

    I hope that the PATS are not over-confident.  This is what I fear most.

    Agree. No doubt.  Honestly, I just don't see them being over-confident. I really don't. NE lost the SB last year and I see it the other way around.   

    I don't see BB and the vets letting this team get over confident. With everything mentioned in the first post, BB will be grilling this team about ball security all week. He will also be all over the offensive lineman to do a better job protecting Brady and keeping Watts arms down. After their last meeting I could tell there was a lot to work on, what we got lucky with we didn't the next week against SF. 

    Imoroved secondary and healthy Gronk, to me, equals a even greater challenge for the Texans this time.