FRED SMERLAS: "Perhaps Ray lewis should succeed Dear Abby!"

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    now thats an oral column i would check out. i need advice on how to make my son eat more apples over bananas. first of, he must get ticked of at the mediocrity of bananas than make him see the greatness of apples and how it was able to tempt adam by being great and loaded with the natural healing powers of IGF. he must never hang with those without the focus of apples. 10 times zero is 0.. just takes one zero with a banana to degrade him from the righteousness of the apple. if they cant share his focus he must take a stab at them and get away with a fresh white suit at all costs!


    fred who?


    Local boy from Waltham Mass  - played for a team called the Bills for a "few" seasons....

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    Lewis should give free legal advice on how to get away with murder.

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    Would they call it "Dear Stabby"?

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