Free Agent Plan Going Forward?

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    Re: Free Agent Plan Going Forward?

    Resign Talib, push to get Smith...solve secondary problem get Barden or Freeney not sure about Jennings

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    Re: Free Agent Plan Going Forward?

    In response to jri37's comment:

    Offense 2 options:

    Bring in Jennings 10 mil dump Lloyd and Fells

    Keep Lloyd Bring in Jordan from Buf 2/3 mil and re-sign edelman 2 mil   I prefer this one it is cheaper and provides more depth.


    Need 2 corners and an edge rusher. Not sure what the market will be for the  corners. I think chris Houston is the only one to sign so far.


    Just spit balling here  anyone else have any thoughts.

    I think we HAVE to get a top tier deep threat for Brady. Jennings runs routes great. We've got a solid running game but, if, and I suspect this may be true, BB let WW walk because of dropped balls (and yes I love WW and wanted him to stay) in key games then you have to wonder if Ridley could be dealt for a pick and we sign Jackson. BB loves Jackson and with Vereen, Bolden and Woodhead, we'd have an improved (and punishing) run game. 

    Jennings will cost but, to compete we've got to have that big time WR and Amendola, while very good, is not the #1 WR. I worry about Gronk and Hernandez's health too. Lloyd? I'd as soon release him. Doesn't seem on the same page as Brady. I think Jennings would puor our offense over the top. Adding Jackson? Scary good. Don't forget that Vereen can line up wide too. Has very good hands with speed too. 


    Defense. I think Freeney's a solid pick up. Would love that. Sign Talib  For the draft we go defense all the way. We have to consider adding some OL as well. Protecting The Franchise? A must! Trade Mallett? I'm ok with that. He's not going to want to ride the bench for the next 5 years. If he could be had, I'd actually like to see Fitzpatrick as a backup QB. Love his grit. 

    All conjecture of course. We have the luxury of that. WW is not walking through that door again. Thanks for the memories Wes but, lets move forward now! Lets also make sure we have a defense designed to stop players like WW. This has got to sting Brady. No two ways about it. How couldn't it? But BB is certainly aware of the things that need to be addressed. 


    Lets get excited about what moves are forthcoming. I for one don't think the sky is falling. 


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    Re: Free Agent Plan Going Forward?

    So ... my guess with the 5yr deal for DA the cap hit is about 3M year one leaving 17M+/- of cap spending:

    2 CBs total cap hit year 1 = 7M (Cason and ?)

    1 aging DT/DE - Abraham? 2M

    1 safety or 1 OL- 4M

    2 WR (edelman? and ?) 3.5M

    Draft DL, OL, CB, WR

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    Re: Free Agent Plan Going Forward?

    We still need to address defense (mainly the secondary) and outside WR. If we aren't looking at Jennings and are focusing on some cheaper options, I hope the Pats take a look at David Nelson and Darrius Heyward-Bey. 

    I'd still like to see us draft a WR in one of the first 2 rounds.