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Front 7

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    Front 7

    Who makes the team?
    What role does each player have?
    Will 3 or 4 man fronts be used most?

    My speculations on who makes the team:

    DL: Wilfork, Warren, Seymour, Wright, Smith, Brace, Burgess, Pryor (Green gets traded)

    LB: Mayo, Thomas, Bruschi, Guyton, Woods, Crable, Banta-Cain, Lenon, Tank Williams

    Aside from the obvious:
    -Burgess plays some OLB in the 3-4
    -Banta-Cain plays some DE in 4-man fronts
    -Guyton plays some OLB in the 4-3
    -Thomas plays some ILB in the 3-4
    -Williams plays some ILB/SS-hybrid in nickel and dime packages 

    I think they'll use the base 3-4 only about 40% of the time, 4-man fronts 35% of the time, and other packages 25% of the time.

    I know it is still early, but what are your thoughts?
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    Re: Front 7

    I doubt Tank williams makes the team.
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    Re: Front 7

    "I doubt Tank williams makes the team."

    It is quite possible he doesn't make the team. He's looked decent as of late, but doesn't bring any special teams value, so he's certainly on the bubble. Lenon is on the bubble, as well, but I think he ends up beating out his competition (Alexander and Ciurciu, perhaps Ninkovich is considered competition, too). Banta-Cain is on the bubble, as well, with the addition of Burgess, but I think his versatility (3-4 OLB, 4-3 DE), experience in the system and special teams contributions add some value and gives him a good shot at making the team.
    Green might not get traded. He certainly makes the roster if not traded, but he has a high price tag for a backup/sometimes-starter, so I think there is a reasonable chance he's gone. Pryor is on the bubble, but he got significant playing time in the first half of the preseason opener, so I think that is an indication that he's doing pretty well and has as good of a shot as any to make the 53.

    I do like the versatility/flexablilty of the Patriots front 7. It will be interesting to see them in action.

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    Re: Front 7

    Jarvis Green looked healthy, very stong and focused on Thursday night...if he is going to be traded, it's pony up time,... let Barrett Jackson run the auction for us....
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    Re: Front 7

    Green is kind of a no-name fourth rounder, and yet he's done ok.  He's unlikely to be traded. 

    Too many bubble players came up with a good game.  Edelman is in like Flynn.  Belichick really wants Hoyer if he can keep 4 QBs (not counting Edelman as a QB).  Belichick would like to keep all 5 running backs including Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Bean who ripped off a 17 yarder.  He may have to keep Pryor for the sack and look at Ohrenberger for springing BenJarvus.  All four of the second rounders looked good at times-- I was about to write "of course", but I suspect that lots of other teams had second rounders with bad games.  Add a near-record 12 draft choices to a near-record 11 free agents and a veteran team that played great even with a substitute QB last year, and there aren't enough slots.

    I like the new nickel +4 only on obvious passing downs.  BB's newest innovation is in fact a throwback to the soft D-line Indianapolis played all the time, two fast ends and two mobile tackles, which is why Belichick once ran on Indy fifteen times in a row.  Fortunately BB has another option in reserve.  When New England plays the third and 1 they stack four rhinos on the line, and in fact Big Brace personally stuffed a third and 1, helping to save the victory at the end.
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    Re: Front 7

    My first thought is that you've devoted 17 spots on the roster to the front seven.  Traditionally, they carry 14 front seven guys, so where are the other 3 roster spots coming from?

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    Re: Front 7

    Jarvis Green and his high cap number has more value to the Pats than to any other team so I wouldn't expect to get much in trade.  He also looks like the only guy on the roster who could step in immediately as a high-quality, long-term replacement for Richard Seymour if Seymour had a season-ending injury or winds up leaving after this season. 

    Smith has contributed well and provided high-quality depth, so it'll be tough to part with him.  But Green's been a much bigger contributor and has more upside potential.  I think Smith gets cut before Green gets traded.
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    Re: Front 7

    Pretty sure Green also played on all 4 special teams units, which makes him a lock.  Pryor might be looking like a good candidate for IR at this point. 
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    Re: Front 7

    Well now Smith is out of the equation. So Green getting let go won't happen.

    The Broncos have reportedly acquired DL Le Kevin Smith from the Patriots.
    It's not known what the Broncos gave up; it's likely a late-round pick. Smith is nothing more than a rotational lineman, but Denver is in dire need of NFL caliber talent along it's defensive front.