Just took a look at the stats from yesterday and saw that again we got no production from the run game whatsoever. Our RB situation is not nearly as good as it looked at the beginning of the season. Maroney is just not good. He dances at the line of scrimmage instead of hitting the hole. Taylor and Morris are always injured. Faulk is good, but he can't play forever, and Green-Ellis is not the one. We need to address this quickly in free agency or the draft.

Here's the list of free agent RBs in 2010:

Not many big-impact names, but there are a few that could help out in the short term.

I think the best solution comes in the draft. This year's class is pretty deep. Here's the list...

Some immediate impact guys are C.J. Spiller, Jonathan Dwyer, and Jahvid Best. I think Spiller is a sure top 10-15 pick, but Dwyer and Best could slip to the end of the first round or beginning of the second round where we would have a shot.

I know that the defense needs improvement, and I think the majority of the changes will be on that side of the ball, but I think the running back position is vital...extend Tom Brady's career and open up Moss and Welker from those double teams by acquiring a legitimate threat in the backfield...someone who can handle 20 carries a game.

Your thoughts?