Gamble on Amendola Not Paying Off

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    Re: Gamble on Amendola Not Paying Off

    Don't want to get in a food fight here. But I'm fairly confident that Ameldola was signed as a Welker replacement to run slot routes and up the middle. Pretty sure the plan was to have him oon the field for a lot of reps, and fairly sure that he was slated to start games. Don't know what I'm mising- except Amendola on game day.

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    Re: Gamble on Amendola Not Paying Off

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    Amendola out for a long time... Pats can overcome. No problem.

    If one of either Kelly or Wilfork gets hurt and has to sit out... that's when to panic.


    Did you not watch the jets game??? We are already thin and extremely inexperienced at wr and now we just lost our best and most expierenced wr and you think we can overcome that with no problem? Again, see exhibit A, jets game.


    And obv losing wilfork would also be devestating, but thats a non issue,  vince has played all 16 games in 7 of 9 seasons playing a total 140 out of a possilbe 146 games, the guy is as durable as they come.

    No one doubts amendola's talent but everyone had their doubts about him being able to stay on the field. No one should be surprised that hes hurt, Horrible signing by bb.

    Yes, I did. I did see the drops. But I also a lot more than just those drops.

    I saw... wet and sloppy it was in the second half. The weather was bad enough that even vet WRs would have had difficulty catching and perhaps even vet QBs having difficulty throwing accurately. The Saints passing game did not look good in similar conditions. That vet offense that set some records a couple of years ago did not look good either.

    ...signs of good route running. Not all the time, but the rooks were getting separation. The drops meant they were there and together with TB, they were creating nice opportunities to connect. That long pass that Dobson dropped was good and bad. Good becasue he is getting open behind the D. It was bad that he dropped it, but considering the pressure of playing his first game and versus a rival, it was not surprising. Those opportunities are important because we have not seen TB have that with previous rookie WRs. They were creating those chances with a WR on his second NFL game and another WR playing his first.

    ...great effort on the part of the WRs. These guys will give up their bodies to make the catch. KT did not control the ball. Not many vet WRs would have controlled that diving catch.

    ...the normally accurate TB was not exactly accurate. In the first quarter, he threw a ball to Edelman that would have been caught for a TD had he thrown it a bit wider to the right and lower, instead of throwing it high like it was Gronk or Hernandez he was throwing to. He was also throwing behind his receiver a lot. I think his throws were tuned towards Welker's speed. He's got faster receivers now. He'll adjust to it.

    Now add to that: Gronk will be back in a couple of weeks. That is huge. He will be a big presence inside. That will open up things even more for the rooks outside.

    They are in position to gather 6 wins going into the bye week. They should get Vereen back after the bye week. They should get to the playoffs. By then Amendola could be back. If so, they would be in the playoffs with players that TB has no problem connecting with, but other teams have no idea how to defend.



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    Re: Gamble on Amendola Not Paying Off

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    Stop positing repeat info with drama-infused garbage sourced from Glazer.

    We were already told 4-6, so nothing is worse than originally reported from 2 days ago.

    Are you people this stupid? JUst because Glazer frames his piece in a more dark tone, somehow something has changed?

    Those are not major sources, dummy. They are also pickinng Glazer's sensationalized piece. Nothing has changed.  They're speculating on the injury.

    Seek help.


    4-6 weeks isa huge chunk of time especially given the fact he only played in 1 game. 


    When you commit to paying Danny what we did, you commit to him being a centerpiece of the offense. Not EdElman. If Edelman was thought to be ce ter piece, they would have paid him like they paid Danny. Now bb is backed into a corner because his amendola investment didn't pan out as intended, his rooks are slow at picking things up, Gronk is still hurt and he has to feature a converted QB on offense as a WR. that is not a good thing, and to put any positive spin on it is simply being a bb koolaid drinker. 

    i don't understand how you think that in any situation, Edelman as our #1 is a good thing. 


    Amendola probably wasn't brought in to be a centerpiece of the offense. He was probably brought in to be a complementary piece of a diversified passing attack where no one receiver is the centerpiece or main guy. The Pats have tried the "centerpiece/main guy" style of offense and it hasn't worked. So they probably decided to go back to the open guy philosophy where no one will get good fantasy football numbers but the o will be nearly impossible to stop when a score is needed. They won three superbowls that way with that kind of offense.

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    Re: Gamble on Amendola Not Paying Off

    Let me add one more thing.

    After the draft, I said Boyce is the best of the receivers they picked up. I still believe that. He will be like Boldin but faster.

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    Re: Gamble on Amendola Not Paying Off

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    So, a Tyree miracle catch and a Welker drop suggest our offense can't produce with some scouting film on another team?

    This is why they should have sued back then.  The Herald would have been hit big time, possibly going under and it would have sent huge reverberations through the industry the way the media covers our team (and others) in particular.

    Big mistake, IMO. Kraft let everyone off the hook because he's too nice a guy.



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    Re: Gamble on Amendola Not Paying Off

         I see where several posts have been removed by the mods. Is Rusty on the verge of being banned yet again?