game impression?

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    Re: game impression?

    The important thing is that Maroney didn't get any snaps, and never will again as a Patriot.
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    Re: game impression?

    Okay, the Pats had a bad game.  Now let's see how they recover.  Game 4 will have some meaning.  The Pats could do something like this during the season.  Just come out flat for what ever reason.  Let's see how they respond to Belichick's criticism.
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    Re: game impression?

    There was a point in the game when the Rams scored and the announcers talked about the Pats playing a soft zone around the goal line. They go to the zone and there's just guys standing around waiting to do something with no sense or urgency.

    They looked great against NO and ATL. They saw each other quite a bit in practice and I think with a little bit of game planning the Pats are OK.

    What I saw in STL was a bunch of young guys that can run around and look great during a pick up game of football. Let's see how good that team looks when the Pats are prepared for them.

    If anything this game showed that when players have to react instinctively they're lost and there will times during the year as last year when they're caught completely flat-footed and they have to think. Under those circumstances I don't have a lot of faith in what I saw.
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    Re: game impression?

    In Response to Re: game impression?:
    In Response to Re: game impression? : That's what I was surprised at the most. Where was the hunger and energy from the D? They have to bring that every week to progress in this defense. With so many spots up for grabs, it was definitely strange to see.
    Posted by russgriswold

    You know what Russ? That's exactly what I want to see opening night. The starters won't see much Playing time against the G-Folk next week so Our next real look will be against the Bengals. As Gary said above the real test is how we bounce back.
    The team that won Superbowls also had plenty of flat games ..I.E. the opener against the Bills. This defense is definitely better than what they showed last night. If it were regular season I'd call it a trap game but it was almost the same thing. They thought they could just go out and play and the Rams would roll over but the Rams were actually jacked up for that game and we weren't.

    I like football. I won't be jumping off a bridge anytime soon.
    We also decided to change our offensive game plan last night. Go figure. They may be testing different things out and go with what looks best to start the season. That makes sense.
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    Re: game impression?

    Good things - Great catch by Crumpler, Gronk looked very impressive, nice bomb from Brady to Moss, run back by Tate.  Bad things - the defense embarrassed themselves, offense took too long to get going, no pass rush, 3 roughing the passer penalties, illegal contact penalty by Butler on 3rd when the pats had them stopped.  Looks like Maroney is a goner. 
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    Re: game impression?

    From what I’ve seen so far, the pre-season games are being played more and more like regular games. In last night games both Manning and Brady played in 3rd quarter.

    Last night our defense just simply didn’t show up. It is very disturbing. This is going to be one anxiety filled season (at least for me) with every game wondering which defense is going to show up.

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    Re: game impression?

    Editorial comment:  I do so wish the personal attacks could be dispensed with but I dare to dream. End of editorial comment.

    The game:

    1) Although it is a preseason game, O and D were both flat coming out. O turned it around; D did not.

    2)  Special teams, for the most part looked good.  Tate shows to be an impact player in the return game.  I'm thinking he will be very good to excellent as a receiver as he progresses.

    3)  Crumpler showed himself to be the pro that he is.  Truly excellent catch on that one 'recovery' throw from Brady after he tripped.

    4)  Gronk may very well be something special.  Big, strong, physical, good hands, plays with intensity. The first touchdown was impressive to watch.  That was a linebacker he was dragging behind him.

    5)  Although it's not always easy to tell with a BB defense, Butler disappointed last night.  McCourty did not. 

    6)  I really don't know what Maroney's lack of playing time means.  Perhaps we'll see him in pre gaame 4.  Perhaps a trade for a draft pick?  Kind of a head scratcher to be honest.

    7)  I'm guessing things will be rather uncomfortable in Foxboro for a day or two.

    My 2 cents.
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    Re: game impression?

    Ok guys, lets get back to business. We are discussing our impressions from last night's game. Some good posts here..lets continue the thread.

    As most of you, I have a real concern with the defense. I think the defense can get the job done, but the offense didn't do them any favors last night by going 3 and out multiple times. If the offense can hold the ball longer and put our defense in good situations, I think we will be OK. if the offense cannot do that, we are back to 2009 all over again...and then we will be in trouble. 

    To me the defense looked flat and played with little energy. Even Chung who is usually jumping and flying all over the place looked a bit flat. I also think BB has been trying more and more combinations of players, that is good on one hand, but doesn't allow guys to gel as a unit. I think once we put our starters on the field and let them play together for some time, we will get stronger barring injuries. 

    As far as Maroney goes....I don't know what to think. I don't think however that the Pats will trade him. He is modestly compensated and with injury prone Morris and Taylor, we need him...whether we like it or not.
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    Re: game impression?

    In Response to Re: game impression?:
    wouldnt surprise me in the least if we see Lewis, Mckenzie and Burgess replaced this week. I would assume that Mckenzie could return a conditional 6th or 7th from a traditional 4/3 team. Lewis and Burgess most likely simple cuts
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    Re: game impression?

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    I could care less how pink hats view me. At least I make clear, concise statments with substance to back up why I make those statements. You troll. Show me a post of yours about the Atlanta or Saints games. Thanks.
    Posted by russgriswold

    Shouldn't that be "couldn't care less", Oh Master of the English Language and All Its Uses. Very clear and concise.

    You are the biggest tool on this board. Such a BB and TB jock sniffer.

    Now call me troll and remark that it's my first post and know nothing about football.
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    Re: game impression?

    People need to take a big breath first of all when it comes to the defense. The Patriots Defensive schemes this pre season like all pre seasons are very and I emphasise VERY Vanilla.  I agree they should have played better then they did but I can tell better after the first couple regular season games if the defense is going to be any good. I suspect they will be better then last season... how much is the question.  I think by years end they will be doing well enough to challenge the rest of the NFL in the Playoffs.
    Now Special teams continues to look very very may I emphasise VERY good. Ghost is well Ghost one of the best kickers in the NFL, Zoltan the Great is living up to his billing and I expect he will be among the top Punters in his rookie season, and they have plenty or return specialists who can light up the score board pretty fast.
    Then on to Offense... Brady looks pretty good, back to pre injury status... his wr corps looks awesome, TE's more of the same awesome... and the Oline looks like it will be fine. The only question here is the RB's. The Patriots lack a Antoine Smith/Corey Dillon type back and they have GUys that are nice complimentary backs like Morris and Taylor. Faulk is a Great 3rd down specialist so he isn't even a concern... but Maroney not being played is a puzzle to me. If he is going to start the season he needs to bang the rust off, if he is trade bait they need to show he can do something to get anything for him... so the RB is still the area of issue.
    I still say this team is a 10-6 team and could be better if the RB's do well, and if the defense does at least as well as I suspect.

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    Re: game impression?

    And there I was thinking that this was a forum for Patriots fans to discuss the team. 

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    Re: game impression?

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    I post while I work. If I am on the phone on hold, I post. Pretty simple. It's called multitasking. I have been here since 2007. You joined less than 12 months ago and are a troll.
    Posted by russgriswold

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    Re: game impression?

    If you worked for me, you'd be out of a job.
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    Re: game impression?

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    Thats it Russ when you can't come up with an intelligent response just call em a Troll.  Oh and my dad can beat up your dad so there!!!!
    Posted by Patsman2