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Game Planning Manning

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    Re: Game Planning Manning

    Given our recent defensive success against the Colts, and the steady, 17 or so points allowed each game this season (not counting against the two loser teams), I would say the real matchup is Brady against the #1 defense in the league.
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    Re: Game Planning Manning

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    Moss, the backpedaling begins. You stated that if the Pats hold the Colts to 18 points and we lose its the Defense's fault. Then when Z asked if we lost 3-0, you said yes its the D's fault because they failed by allowing the opposing teams offense to allow the field goal, we now know thats not true because I explained to you defense stops TDs and Special Teams units try to block field goals. Either way you look at it, your initial statement that in holding the Colts to 18 points and still losing means its the D's fault. It is a team loss. All three phases of the game lost. I think most would assume holding the Colts to 18 points means we played very good defensively. That is what was being said.
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    yes its a total team loss,but when you lose there is nothing good about it,but in my anwsers to the other statements you dont see me back pedaling,but saying that the offense wasnt getting it done either.being that this game was last year,and cassel was at the helm.i would think it would be up to the defense to pick up the i could in this case putting some heat on the defense.if it was brady then it would be a diffrent case.either way its my opinion,and you,and everyone else has there own opinion.i think in all factors we are right,and wrong based on technicalities.