Garoppolo. Pop goes my head like in scanners

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    Re: Garoppolo. Pop goes my head like in scanners

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    I can totally understand the frustration here, but why are people surprised? This franchise is not run to cater to one player. I've never understood the theory that we have to get Tom Brady who he wants before he retires so he can win one more super bowl. If a director of player personnel ever said that in a scouting meeting they would be fired immediately. This is not how business is done. Bedard is totally right. This draft is not for now. The only one's I can see making an impact are the o-lineman and maybe Easely if healthy. I am certainly intruiged by Jeremy Gallon and if the DB we took is a special teams ace then great, that's awesome. To be successful year, after year, after year, you need to take risks, and you need to understand that it's not about your QB riding off into the sunset on a horse with his weirdo wife and 4th Lombardi trophy. Who knows what the pats see in Garopollo that we don't. I'm concerned about a lot of things. Small school being a major one; his 23-22 record at that small school, his strange release, his deep ball accuracy are definitely concerns. I am willing to trust the development of process of our coaching staff. They got Matt Cassel to play out his mind. His only other good season was with Charlie Weis. No coincidence. So I am willing to give this draft a chance, like all of them.


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    Who is making what he wants an issue, other than you. (and CRUSTY)


    It's never been about what he wants, it's about what he needs.


    He is the engine that makes it go but you need other working parts.


    Last year he drove them to the AFC with 4 flat tires a busted axle and a transmission that wouldn't change gears.  Same thing the year before that and the years before that.


    He needs a vehicle with the drive train, intact.


    Until that happens, he might get you there but will never win again.


    Bank on it...

    I think they have added some pretty significant pieces this offseason. Pretty much doing to the defensive side of the ball what they did the offensive side in 07. They've loaded up on D. I expect the D to be very, very good barring major injuries like last year.

    I also don't think that it was just Brady to carry this team to the AFC title game. He played a part in it, just not as significant as it has been in the past. I think the regular season comebacks were due to him, but also a major testament to this team in general. I always felt that, with the injuries we had, it was gravy how far we got in the playoffs. The entire team showed a mental toughness that I haven't seen in a while. Specifically from younger guys.  I do understand what you're saying and I want this team to win as badly as you and I want Tom to have 4 rings as much as anyone. Maybe they won't win again, but I think this year is as good as any to get it done.

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    Re: Garoppolo. Pop goes my head like in scanners

    Is it me or does Johnny Football remind you of that tool Elliot on Deadliest catch?



    Now you got the easy part done telling me about it.

    Does that handshaped bruise on your back hurt?