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Gasper's article - Pat's feeling the Colt's draft

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    Gasper's article - Pat's feeling the Colt's draft

    Just finished reading the article written by Gasper- Pat's feeling Colt's draft. 
    I have to agree with his argument. The past few years, Pat's have not had as much success in the draft as the Colt's have. The Patriots turned a corner with last years draft. I think they'll come away with ten football players from that draft. Look for Sebastian Vollmer to unseat Matt Light. Rich Ohrnberger the Penn State guard will compete for Stephen Neal's position. Chung and Butler did fairly good considering they were rookies being thrown out there. Two interesting players are Brandon Tate and Tyrone McKenzie. Of course Edelman was a steel in the 7th round. Pryor looks like the real thing at DT. If they become contributors to the Patriots in 2010, this draft could look real good! Other guys who could surprise are George Bussey who was a four year mainstay on the offensive line at Louisville and Darryl Richards another DT from Georgia Tech.
    Ron Brace was not ready for prime time. I would not write him off as I'm sure there are countless stories of players not having a good rookie year but eventually getting it together! Another big question mark is Shawn Crable. You can't make the club from the tub and this is his last opportunity to make it happen.  I am pleased that Floyd Reese is staying put with the Pats. Expect the Pats to look alot different in 2010. This is going to be interesting.
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    Re: Gasper's article - Pat's feeling the Colt's draft

    Yeah, this has been discussed a few times.  We are paying the price for having 3 mediocre drafts (2006-2008).  That's what makes this upcoming draft so interesting for me.  I am real curious if we repeat the success of 2009, or the failures of 2006-2008.  We need 2-3 more good drafts.  

    In my nughead view of the world, I use a simple method to grade our past drafts.  I simply look to see if the number of players on the team not drafted by us is increasing or decreasing.  It's been increasing.  I don't need an in-depth review of draft picks and detailed stats to tell me that's not a sign of good drafting. 

    I'm with you on Floyd Resse.  Guys like Mike Reiss don't think he's had as big a role as we do.  I guess we'll never know for sure, but let's try to hold onto him just to be on the safe side.  While he is no Polian or AJ, drafting 3 Rookie of the Years is quite an achievement.