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    In response to JintsFan's comment:

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    Not one of your better moments here jints. Pure troll work.

    At the moment I regret my previous defenses of you.

    come on babe! i gotta have a little "get back" after all the mean things said about my giants yesterday and today

    my God u would think the giants losing bad to the falcons had ANYTHING to do with ur beloved pats-i know the history between pats and jints but jeez it gets silly

    and sorry but too many of ur buddies here-not you u have some class and perspective-went waaaay overboard with the comments b/c the STILL cant let the superbowls go-it's that Yankees like sense of entitledment combined with sore loser whining that paints a bad pciture of pats fans-the reason they aren't liked that much-and the same things i dont like about them are the same things u dont either!

    i wish more were like you are

    dont regret your defense of me i appreciated it and reciprocated always-i am still lovable ol"jints this is just a minor bump in the road


    I know we have some extremely anal members of our little Pats' family. I've stuggled with them myself, and I think their complete lack of objectivity has poisoned the perception of Pats' fans around the league.

    I just think starting troll threads is beneath you. Sure, fire away in a thread, but don't start one. It just helps the riff raff make a case that you aren't an objective poster and are the troll they claim you are.





    i will take ur advice under consideration! and i do love that term, riff raff  lol

    i do understand a certain animosity towards the jints based on our teams recent history but still...

    but we both agree that queenie is on an island unto himself when it comes to imbecility!

    Might as well mend fences. The world is ending in a few days.

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    Giants fans love to and have to live in the past because they know that their future is dim however Patriots fans have the luxury of moving forward because their future is much brighter.

    Welcome to all the trolls. if your continued patriots bashing helps you make it to the next day without offing yourself .... glad this forum helps you feel better, when your team cant. 

    LOL... presently the GIANTS are SB champs.

    And the funny part is you will post about the 3 tainted cheatriots SB's that happened almost a decade ago. Talk about living in the past!!

              Get real.

              The Pat's are clearly a better team than the Giants. Look at their accomplishments starting as far back as 2001.

              If you want to talk tainted championships I suggest you start with the Yankees in the 90's.

              Those teams had as many as 20+ cheaters under contract.