This is getting flat out ridiculous. Once again, the Giants are completely outmatched by an opponent and have a win handed to them. If Ted Ginn is playing last night the 49ers are in the Superbowl.

For all you people freaking out about the Giants, you need a reality check.

They are the 27th ranked defense in the league. There is a reason for that. They didn't magically turn into a good defense. They played over their heads for a couple of games. Let's put things into perspective.

The Giants got blown out by Washington twice this year. Yes, Washington, the laughingstock of the NFL. They lost to Seattle, San Fran, the helpless Eagles, New Orleans and Green Bay. Now,you might say there's no shame in losing to the Packers or the Saints. And you would be right. Except for the fact that they gave up 87 points in those two games capping off a four game losing streak.The Patriots didn't lose four games all year. Not only did the Giants have twice as many loses as the Patriots, their 9-7 record defines mediocrity. They lost almost as many games as they won.

So please spare me all the "Giants are peaking" BS. They didn't transform into a Superbowl team. Their defense is still bad. Their cornerbacks are terrible. Eli Manning didn't turn into an elite QB, no matter what the idiots at ESPN tell you. He is still a happy feet interception machine. And their RBs and WRs are overrated.

The problem is, the Giants have put together a few decent games and played over their heads for a few weeks. And in this country (especially in the media) nobody can remember anything that happened more than three weeks ago.

The only playoff team I had less respect for was the Broncos. I'm not saying the Patriots were great this year. Clearly they weren't. But if the Patriots can't beat these JAGS I am going to have some serious questions about the greatness of Bill and Tom. This is a title on a silver platter. This is right up there with the Colts getting to play the Bears a few years ago.

The only chance the Giants have is to get to Brady with a 4 man rush. If the OLine does their job the Giants have no chance. It's time to do to these clowns what we should have done four years ago and beat them by three touchdowns.

I know I'll get drilled for this post. But I don't respect the Giants. And I certainly don't fear them. You people need to chill. Barring injuries number 4 is in the bag.

The Giants are what they are. A 9-7 team.