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    Re: Giants

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    Hey 42and46,

    Happy New Year, first of all.  Giants will be back next year. 

    But honestly, this just reeks of sour grapes.  Suck it up and deal with it.  Eli's looked really bad for a few games now (until Sunday), and your team had THREE chances to control its own destiny.  Any NFL team that cannot do that doesn't deserve to move on. 

    Your team has a ring because of David Tyree, not Eli.   


    And because of Kyle Williams.

    who ?

    one hit wonders

    nah 2x SB champs

    hey jints not trying to be a db or anything, but you are kinda being two-faced on this argument. you just told someone "whatever makes those two losses tolerable". while you are on here talking about those past wins to make this season tolerable for yourself. we all know the giants beat the pats twice in the super bowl, we dont need you to remind us of that fact. im sure if the roles were reversed in those super bowls and the pats were the ones missing the playoffs, you would have a goalpost in your pants as well.

    If it was reversed he wouldnt be here.

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