Giants player saves fan

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    Giants player saves fan



    New York Giants tight end Martellus Bennettwas credited with three catches for 44 yards in his team's 38-10 rout of the Green Bay Packers on "Sunday Night Football." However, it was afourth catch Bennett made after the game, for a grand total of 15 feet, that made him a real hero.

    After the game, Bennett was interacting with fans near the field entrance to the Giants' locker room when a middle-aged man fell from a railing several feet above the field where the fans generally interact with the players after games.

    "I was doing what I usually do, moseying to the locker room and meandering around," Bennett said. "Naturally, I just wanted to step back, but I did the righteous thing and I stepped up. I caught him, I saved his life, I tapped into my inner superhero, which I do have."

    "Spidey-senses," to be specific.

    "I'm usually a ninja, but my Spidey-senses told me he was going to take a fall, so I saved his life," Bennett modestly recalled. "He owes me his first-born or something. Actually I don't want that. Maybe a sandwich or something."

    The fan might be a bit short on sandwich money -- after Bennett saved his bacon, the man was accosted by Jersey state troopers and taken away to face undisclosed charges. So, bail cash could be a pressing concern.

    "That sucks," Bennett said

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    Re: Giants player saves fan

    I'm thinking it was Fireman Ed trying to commit suicide after the Jets embarassing loss Thanksgiving night.