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if you really do the accounting - they sold for 70M and still owe 110M that means they sold it for a loss

NYT is owned by a guy (from mexico) who don't even have to break even,

They talk about how we must be good to unions , how to run businesess, and look how they treat their own

If the NYT fails there will be a tidal wave of 2ndary failures and a big loss of liberal doctrine. The NYT is a primary resource of national and international stories for a plethora of 2ndary papers

I still like reading real paper - i get tired of the screen, but someday i may not have a choice

Pat's Fan lost in Jet Land


a big loss in liberal doctrine? hahahaha  u must be old


yeah like any printed paper is carrying anyone's doctrine anymore...say u know rush limbaugh has lost almost 50 sponsors in the last 3 months and faux news ratings have tumbled? better get some better sources to provide that conservative doctrine






oh boy,

if you don't understand that the NYT is still the #1 liberal, progressive news source I can not help you. Will they always be? Maybe, maybe not - depends on how they evolve. Right now Billionaire lefties are trying to save them. NYT,BG,WP and LA times next. And the reason for that? You tell me, if you can.

Has print media been marginalized? A lot. But I wish the NYT would go away altogether! Every major politician today still reads it, and most left wing publications (including the HP , Politco, etc) still follow it's lead. Unfortunately, what the NYT talks about, they all talk about. And what they don't talk about , few talk about

The entire media has been Balkanized, and overrun with Political Correctness to be used to beat people over the head. Maybe there will be a better day - but not soon - as you have just demonstrated.

I do not worry about any millionaires or Rush. Rush loses sponsors and he gets new ones.  I doubt you have ever really "listened " to him. Or if you have, it is out of context or with a mental blockage. They have been gunning for him for 25 yrs. They do it by threatening sponsors - so much for freedom of speech. 

In the end the choice is between

Big Government, Big Business, Big Unions, Big Media, Big Hollywood, Big/Elitist Education and useful Idiots. Which is the defintion of facism. And is what Stalin called Hitler for Hitlers' brand of socialism (See Detroit for example of liberal dogma) and please i am not talking about the Holocaust


Individual freedoms, Free markets,   (and that means for you too).

This is not the forum for talking politics and I will probably curse myself for posting this.

However, I doubt you understand what is facing us, and I feel sorry for you, and us. If you do want to begin understanding,  try "googling" Ricard A Epstein. I f you can begin to even understand him, you might be worth talking to about something serious. Good luck, I think you will need it.

And btw when you get old - what ever that is - I hope you pull this out so you can see that you should then see yourself as irrelevant - but then why wait.

I am now going back to just talking about the Pats. I have no desire for anything else. Thisis my escape, but there is a thread of intolerance here. From now on if the post is not directly linked to the Pats, and there is name calling - I won't read and devolve into it. And finally I do not care about anyone's political views (great, you are more than welcome to them, really ).  When it comes to discussing the Pats I just want good sports conversation. I agree with alot of what is said by quite a few fans . and I disagree too. But with respect. Just like being at a bar shooting the s***

Sorry for the rift but this post I answered to was intolerant, rude and thoughtless.


It has nothing to do with liberal or conservative, it's about money and how much can be made by pumping poison into the veins of the consumer via the internet, radio or tv.


It's why a company like Clear Channel, for example, owns a lot of radio stations. They can apply their model across the board into different markets and since there is no competition, with them buying it all up, there is no one to call them out or challenge them.

Same concept here.  

For every liberal outlet, I can name a conservative one.

The other day I mistakenly had on some AM radio station and I knew it was a right wing nutjob one because I heard the guy saying the Egyptian Revolution from a few years ago was supported by Obama because it meant the Muslim Brotherhood "candidate" being elected.

It's that kind of disingenuous analysis that creeps people out. Someone either believes that garbage or has been brainwashed to believe it. Either way, it's a problem in our society because the customers/voters are out there. SOmeone is listening to that and agreeing.








I am just going to walk away from this topic and have great discussion about the Pats with you

What did I do now?



You have done nothing wrong! You are fine.

I really don't like to talk too much politics here. The only way that i think I can leave politics behind me on this is for me not to get into a debate. And if i answer then we get into a debate. So the only way is for me to walk away with both of us being fine.

I come here for escape, and talking politics via txt, never seems to end up well.- Too tough a medium for that here.

I enjoy hearing your points of view, agree alot, dont some too, but you are interesting.

have a good one