Globe Staff Pick

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    Re: Globe Staff Pick

    In response to RockScully's comment:

    Well, they are. Playing contrarian, regardless of how dumb you can look, still gets them ratings as compared to when there is no contrarian.

    Jouranlism has changed to the point they need a new term for it, because it ain't Journalism.

    It should be called Sensationalism and it shouldn't be praised.


    Wait. So the Glove writers pick the Ravens and you're not okay with it. The Baltimore writers pick the Pats and you're not okay with it.

    Unless they always pick the hometown team, then they're just seeking attention. Globe should just predict the Pats as winners in their next 100 games. Baltimore sun should pick the Ravens, otherwise they're just seeking attention.

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    Re: Globe Staff Pick

    pcmIV is the only one who got it right (about point spreads anyway). Spreads do not represent what the book thinks will happen in the game. They represent its best guess at the betting public's attitude toward the game.  The book's objective is to have the pool evenly split and collect the vig.

    Why else would spreads move, like this one has from 10 to 8? There's no news (like an injury) causing it to move.  It's because the early money is on the Ravens. Not surprising with that big of an opening line.