Glover Quin (S)

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    Re: Glover Quin (S)

    I absolutely look at Quinn at around 5 before i even think about Goldson at almost double digits....  pfft

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    Re: Glover Quin (S)

    This flat cap era is something everyone is adjusting to, and especially the players. There are a lot of quality players and especially DBs hitting free agency and dreaming about the days when every year the cap was going up by 5-10M so teams had free space to sign FAs to escalating contracts. Namdi type contracts that end up with 15M cap hits a few years later. Reality is hitting home and there are a lot of teams scrambling to afford 22 starters, let alone reserves. There are a few teams with large cap space, but some of that will disappear as they try to retain their own players before they even think about FAs.

    Miami is an example - they had 40+M on Sunday, but they used the franchise tag on Starks so they are now down to 32M with only 49 players under contract. And their current FA starters are LT, RB, #1 WR, S, CB, TE. They are probably happy with their RBs, but they need to replace or resign a starting Tackle, #1 WR, and TE on offense and a safety and CB on defense, as well as a #2 QB and probably a #2 WR. They have very good draft capital so they may get a few day 1 starters from the draft, but they are also going to have to find some good FAs - 10M on #1WR, 6M on a DB, maybe 6M on #2WR and TE combined and maybe 6M on a tackle. And they will have used up all that cap space on just their starters with online their #1WR being a 'star' player.

    So ... Miami is probably putting into the FA pool about what they will replace from that pool, but for the most part with mid level prices, not throwing big money at anyone but a #1WR. And that is going to be the same for the most of the other teams as well. Pats will spend on a receiver (Welker or ?) and a CB (Talib or ?) They probably feel OK at RB and may feel OK with replacing RT internally if Woodhead and Vollmer are too expensive. They may target a RT, DT, DE, second DB (S or CB), and second WR but are not going to be paying top dollar on those players.

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