Good Piece On Tebow

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    Re: Good Piece On Tebow

    I just think it's a little early for anyone to say how he is going to be used here, or if he will make it here at all. The guy that drafted him in the first round is his new offensive coordinator - I'm assuming he traded up to get him to be a starting quarterback. He certainly won't be starting here, and I imagine he will become deeply saddened when he starts to see what a guy like Brady plays like everyday. Tebow has never been around a quarterback like Brady...that's got to be very humbling experience for a less talented passer.

    I like Tebow, I think he has qualities in him that lead to wins. I watched him break about 150 tackles two years ago and run off 8-9 wins...not every player has those qualities. I really don't know what he'll do here, but I'd like to have him on the roster because you just can't have enough guys like him. I've heard that he is too stiff to play fulback or h back, but whenever the guy is on the field he makes things happen.  

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    Re: Good Piece On Tebow

    Not going to read it, Tebow wont make the final 53. We need all the WRs and OL we can keep. Tebow plays QB and the Pats only carry 2 QBs, Tebow wont beat out Mallet. Mallet is ten times better than Sanchez and a hundred times better than Macelroy and Tebow couldn't beat them out.



    People think Tebow can play H-Back, but we have 4 good young RBs competing for 3 spots already and Tebow wont beat out any of the four in an unbiased competition.


    TE? Come on, that's the second strongest position on the roster....even now with our TEs not doing so well in the health department. Gronk, Hernandez, Ballard and Hooman are better.



    Do we keep 3 QBs and cut an OL, DL or CB  because Tebow is a good guy?




    Aaron Dobson # 17; Tom Brady's new best friend.

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    Re: Good Piece On Tebow

    Tebow blows... period.

    Stop with the Tebow threads, he won't even be here when they break camp.

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    Re: Good Piece On Tebow

    In response to rkarp's comment:


    Everything in the article makes sense on paper. But why would Johnette speculate when her mentor has covered the subject in depth. Cimini has analyzed the situation for 12 months. I would speculate no one has seen Tebow play more than Cimini, other than Rex, Sparano and Sanchez. Cimini has exhaustively spoken on and off the record with hundreds on Tebow. 

    Tebow does not have the talent to play QB exclusively. 

    Ok, Tebow sees the light with BB and will try out other positions. 

    Tebow worked very hard on his throwing all off season. Got it. But did he work on his blocking and speed? Can he all of a sudden step into the NFL and play full back? Did he work on his hands? Can he line up as an h back and catch a swing pass or a pitch sweep? While a powerful runner, does he have any elusiveness like Hern? And the elephant in the room, does he have the mental capacity to grasp the Pats offense playing a couple of different positions? 

    A player cannot hide in practice. It is very clear in drills what a player can and cannot do. We will know what every other Tebow commenter from Elway, to Fox, to Rex, to Sparano to Cimini etc, etc has already said. 

    Publicly, the NFL community is saying this is the perfect place for TT and if anyone can find a spot it is BB. Privately, the comments are what arrogance. What can BB do that every other who tried cannot do. I am looking at Gronk and Boyce as pup candidates. I am hoping Sudfeld is afforded a spot on the roster. I really hope Sudfeld is retained. Lets face it, if Ballard is healthy and plays well, the Pats will not spend the money on a 3rd TE. Next year Sudfeld is playing very meaningful snaps, not TT. 


    I'm looking forward to seeing that tightend play...big guy, catches the ball pretty well from what I've read.

    Edit (I take back the "big guy" comment) I watched a few highlights of him and although he is tall, I don't think he is a big guy. He graded out real well as a blocker, but when you look at how angular/narrow/kind of thin this guy is I have to wonder how he'll handle things when he sees the size of the guys he'll be trying to block in training camp. Hope I'm wrong.


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    Re: Good Piece On Tebow

    In response to wozzy's comment:

    Tebow blows... period.

    Stop with the Tebow threads, he won't even be here when they break camp.