Good Riddance/Bad Rubbish (Ty Warren)

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    Good Riddance/Bad Rubbish (Ty Warren)

    Any of you knuckleheads catch the latest Ron Borges Patriot hit piece in the Herald? I would link to it but I dont want my laptop to catch a virus.Anywhooo-r apparently the ever gracious Ty Warren has confided in Borges how BB had the nerve to be pissed at the patron saint of disappearing linemen.Get this,seems "The Tyrant" actually was upset that Warren blew off OTA's so he could get some more edgymocashun on the Patriots dime all the while putting off hip surgery until the start of training camp causing him to miss the season.The nerve of BB! How dare BB want what's best for his team! Sarcasm aside what morons like warren and frauds like borges dont get is the reason people get advanced educations is to be able to get a great job and take care of their families. Warren is a multi-millionaire because of his great job...that job comes first. If you are so inclined you can advance your education after your career,when you are sitting on millions at a still young age. Borges was like a pig in s*** when Warren was released. Who wants to bet he stopped cutting and pasting articles the moment he heard and ran to be with the maliciously wounded Warren. "So Ty tell me what that meany BB did to you and dont leave nothing out you big classy manboy." 

    To Ty Warren I say GTFO of town and never darken our doorstep again. For you "Pats fans" who say Ty was so great ask yourself this question. What big play will I always remember Ty Warren for? What time did Ty come up big when we needed him? You are a piece of trash shut your damn pie-hole and dont let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.
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    Re: Good Riddance/Bad Rubbish (Ty Warren)

    bumped for awesomeness